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  • Traffic on Mexico's Highway 1 has increased dramatically over the years, but remains light by northern standards
    Traffic on Mexico's Highway 1 has increased dramatically over the years, but remains light by northern standards

June 6-7, 2015

(About 2 days ahead of “Blanca”)
Northbound, La Paz to Ensenada
Cathy & Mike Veteran Baja Drivers

We left La Paz, Saturday, June 6th, just a few days ahead of the approaching storm, Blanca. This report reflects the road conditions prior to Blanca’s landfall. It might not be accurate today!

We’ve made the trek to/from Tacoma, WA to La Paz many times, and each time find that the road is just getting better & better. Here are a just a few comments:

Saturday, June 6th (La Paz to Santa Rosalia)

-Wow! The road construction outside of La Paz, north of the Ag checkpoint, is done!

-The only road construction on the entire length of Highway 1 was a 2 ½ mile dirt bypass, north of the 1st microwave station outside of La Paz.

-The blasting project on the hill above Juncalito was completed in the fall, resulting in a very improved road and a huge viewpoint of the Sea. A great place for a stretch or for a lunch break.

-As of 2 days ago, all of the washouts from Hurricane Odile had been repaired and paved. Hopefully they will still be that way after Blanca passes.

-We spent Saturday night just outside (south) of Santa Rosalia at the El Morro hotel. This is a large older property, well maintained, very clean, great ocean view rooms, strong Wi-Fi, very affordable and most importantly has just opened a new on-site restaurant! The view, an excellent staff, and great food service makes this a recommended stop, even if you just stop by for a meal.

(The night we were there, 15 CFE trucks were staging, in preparation for any utility service repairs that might be needed due to Blanca.)

Sunday, June 7th, 2015 (Santa Rosalia to Ensenada)

-Blanca appears to slowly be moving north. The skies were cloudy, with light rain showers as we drove through the mountains from Santa Rosalia to San Ignacio. No other weather to report, except for some stronger wind gusts close to the ocean.

-It’s hard to complain about this, as the Highway has had so many improvements, but the stretch of road from the turn off to Bahia L.A., to about 10 miles north of Catavina, is still full of potholes. There have been attempts to patch them, but bottom-line, watch out for the big ones!

-Northbound traffic was light, although some of the little towns, probably due to Election Day, were a hub-bub of pedestrian activity.

-Feeling rather wounded by the 500+ mile drive through the mountainous switch-back roads today, we treated ourselves to a night on the beach at the Estero Beach hotel. Ensenada positions us for a late morning crossing in Tecate, and then the rest of our trip home to Tacoma, WA.

La Paz & Blanca seem like a long ways away. Minimal to no message of her on any of the Ensenada or San Diego media reports. Thanks to the BajaInsider, other weather websites, and our Marina Palmira friends, we have been able to follow the intensity and track of the storm.

We certainly hope that other post-Blanca Baja drivers will have as easy & safe trip as we did.


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