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Posted by BajaInsider on January 20, 2023
  • Masking in Public Closed Environments Returns to Baja California Sur
    Masking in Public Closed Environments Returns to Baja California Sur
  • Information on the COVID-19 Virus
    Information on the COVID-19 Virus


Jamuary 20, 2023 The state health security committee has continued the mandatory use of limited facial masking in the state of Baja California Sur through the last week of January. Use of masks covering the mouth and nose are again mandatorory in in closed spaces, public transport, and all medical facilities. 

The call for a return to mandatory masking is a result of a rising number of respiratory infections and an increased activity in active COVID-19 cases.

The mandatory use of masking took effect on Monday, December 19, and will continue until further notice. 

The ministry furthered the recommendation in a return to the maintenance of social distancing and encouraging the use of masking in confining areas where proper distancing is not possible. 

In reading between the lines there is a concern for communicable disease beyond the unextraordinary 131 current cases of COVID-19 and just 8 under hospitalization across Baja California Sur. Health facilities north of the border have reported a seasonal increase in hospitalization to what is being referred to as 'The Triple Threat'. This combination of respiratory syncytial virus, COVID-19, and this year's brand of influenza are all peaking during this season of travel, handshakes, warm embraces, and holiday kisses. 

With the post-pandemic resurgence of tourism in Baja California Sur, we can expect travelers from around the world to not only bring their sense of fun and adventure with them this holiday, but also whatever 'bug' is circulating from where ever they might hail.

The Secretary urged the use of all the preventative tactics that worked for forks through the pandemic and a return to the use of face masks in close areas, public transportation, and all medical facilities.  

Stay healthy, stay safe!

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