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Posted by Tomas on February 26, 2018
  • Deaths In Mexico of US Citizens in the first half of 2017
    Deaths In Mexico of US Citizens in the first half of 2017

The year 2016 saw a dramatic drop in the number of US citizens murdered in Mexico nationwide, despite the growing number of Americans living and vacationing here. According to the US Department of State, 265 Americans met unnatural ends in Mexico in 2016, but only 75 of them were homicides. (the balance included drownings, suicide, auto accidents and those other than natural death) That is a 24% drop over 2015. The statistic totals for 2017 are not available yet, but it would appear the trend shows a 25% increase in US Citizen homicides with a half year total for Mexico of 47. The year 2017 also saw an increase in total homicides in Mexico, setting a new record high. This was also the case in Baja California Sur which saw the state reach a homicide rate of 110 per 100,000 residents but did not include a single US foreign national in 2017

The following statistics are Consular reported deaths in Mexico for the first half of 2017.  Baja California and Chihuahua tied for the most dangerous with 10 American homicides. Baja California Sur, despite the cartel conflict in the state, had no homicides of US tourists, just one drowning, and one suicide. 

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Although the numbers may seem intimidating they need to be put in perspective. The northern state of Baja California has the highest number of US citizens in full-time residence with close to 1 million. It is also the fourth most popular state for visitors. Considering JUST the resident population, that puts the homicide rate a 1 per 100,000. 

As a visitor to Mexico has a 4 times better chance of being murdered in the US, a little better than a 2 times better chance of it being by a family member and about an equal chance of it being in your home by a gun you purchased. (statistically speaking of course) 


Date State Cause of Death   Date State  Cause of Death
4/28/2017 Baja California Drowning   4/15/2017 Michoacan Drowning
6/22/2017 Baja California Homicide   5/21/2017 Michoacan Other Accident
6/22/2017 Baja California Homicide   3/5/2017 Michoacan Veh. Accid-Auto
2/24/2017 Baja California Homicide   3/5/2017 Michoacan Veh. Accid-Auto
2/19/2017 Baja California Homicide   5/2/2017 Michoacan Veh. Accid-Auto
3/10/2017 Baja California Homicide   1/28/2017 Nayarit Homicide
3/25/2017 Baja California Homicide   2/23/2017 Nayarit Homicide
3/28/2017 Baja California Homicide   2/9/2017 Nayarit Other Accident
4/18/2017 Baja California Homicide   4/29/2017 Nayarit Other Accident
5/6/2017 Baja California Homicide   1/10/2017 Nayarit Suicide
5/18/2017 Baja California Homicide   2/13/2017 Nayarit Veh. Accid-Auto
6/14/2017 Baja California Homicide    3/11/2017 Nuevo Leon Other Accident
6/8/2017 Baja California Other Accident   1/9/2017 Nuevo Leon Veh. Accid-Auto
4/12/2017 Baja California Other Accident   2/24/2017 Nuevo Leon Veh. Accid-Auto
6/27/2017 Baja California Suicide   3/27/2017 Oaxaca Homicide
6/27/2017 Baja California Suicide   3/6/2017 Oaxaca Veh. Accid-Auto
4/4/2017 Baja California Suicide   6/13/2017 Puebla Homicide
4/28/2017 Baja California Suicide   3/6/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
5/18/2017 Baja California Suicide   2/5/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
6/10/2017 Baja California Suicide   2/10/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
1/24/2017 Baja California Veh. Accid-Auto   3/25/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
1/19/2017 Baja California Veh. Accid-Auto   4/2/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
4/6/2017 Baja California Veh. Accid-Auto   2/21/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
4/6/2017 Baja California Veh. Accid-Auto   4/20/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
6/21/2017 Baja California Veh. Accid-Auto   5/8/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
6/28/2017 Baja California Veh. Accid-Auto   5/12/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
5/21/2017 Baja California Veh. Accid-Motorcy.   5/13/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
4/20/2017 Baja California Sur Drowning   5/28/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
6/11/2017 Baja California Sur Suicide   6/18/2017 Quintana Roo Drowning
3/13/2017 Chiapas Maritime Accident   1/15/2017 Quintana Roo Homicide
6/17/2017 Chiapas Suicide   2/18/2017 Quintana Roo Other Accident
4/10/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   2/22/2017 Quintana Roo Other Accident
6/14/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   1/24/2017 Quintana Roo Veh. Accid-Auto
6/18/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   1/24/2017 Quintana Roo Veh. Accid-Auto
1/3/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   5/11/2017 San Luis Potosi Veh. Accid-Auto
1/16/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   4/28/2017 San Luis Potosi Veh. Accid-Motorcy.
1/17/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   2/23/2017 Sinaloa Homicide
1/18/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   2/20/2017 Sinaloa Veh. Accid-Pedestr.
2/2/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   2/20/2017 Sinaloa Veh. Accid-Pedestr.
2/3/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   2/3/2017 Sonora Homicide
2/27/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   2/10/2017 Sonora Homicide
3/21/2017 Chihuahua Homicide   4/1/2017 Sonora Homicide
1/3/2017 Chihuahua Other Accident   5/8/2017 Sonora Homicide
1/3/2017 Chihuahua Suicide   6/15/2017 Sonora Maritime Accident
5/28/2017 Chihuahua Veh. Accid-Auto   4/18/2017 Sonora Suicide
6/20/2017 Ciudad Juarez Homicide   3/21/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Auto
3/30/2017 Ciudad Juarez Veh. Accid-Auto   3/17/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Auto
6/28/2017 Coahuila Homicide   6/2/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Auto
2/12/2017 Durango Veh. Accid-Auto   6/2/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Auto
6/4/2017 Durango Veh. Accid-Auto   6/9/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Auto
Date Guanajuato Homicide   6/9/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Auto
1/1/2017 Guanajuato Homicide   3/22/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Motorcy.
1/2/2017 Guanajuato Homicide   1/1/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Pedestr.
3/3/2017 Guanajuato Homicide   6/4/2017 Sonora Veh. Accid-Pedestr.
6/18/2017 Guanajuato Homicide   1/26/2017 Tamaulipas Homicide
6/24/2017 Guanajuato Homicide   6/8/2017 Tamaulipas Homicide
1/3/2017 Guanajuato Other Accident   5/27/2017 Tamaulipas Veh. Accid-Auto
2/7/2017 Guanajuato Suicide   5/18/2017 Tamaulipas Veh. Accid-Motorcy.
2/8/2017 Guerrero Homicide   5/3/2017 Veracruz Homicide
4/13/2017 Guerrero Homicide   1/21/2017 Yucatan Suicide
2/26/2017 Guerrero Other Accident   6/13/2017 Yucatan Veh. Accid-Other
1/11/2017 Jalisco Drowning   1/22/2017 Zacatecas Homicide
1/2/2017 Jalisco Homicide   4/27/2017 Zacatecas Veh. Accid-Auto
2/9/2017 Jalisco Homicide   4/27/2017 Zacatecas Veh. Accid-Auto
6/17/2017 Jalisco Homicide   6/12/2017 Zacatecas Veh. Accid-Auto
1/5/2017 Jalisco Other Accident   1/13/2017 Zacatecas Veh. Accid-Auto
4/10/2017 Jalisco Other Accident   6/23/2017 Zacatecas Veh. Accid-Motorcy.
4/11/2017 Jalisco Other Accident        
4/25/2017 Jalisco Other Accident        
2/28/2017 Jalisco Other Accident        
3/8/2017 Jalisco Other Accident        
5/3/2017 Jalisco Suicide        
1/20/2017 Jalisco Veh. Accid-Auto        
5/13/2017 Jalisco Veh. Accid-Auto        
5/25/2017 Jalisco Veh. Accid-Auto        
2/12/2017 Jalisco Veh. Accid-Pedestr.        

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