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This is a synopisis translation on the fly from the address to the people of Baja California Sur from Governor Carlos Mendoza Davis regarding state and personal measures to minumize the effect of the Covid-19 virus on the population of the state. . It is neither literal or perfect, but gets the message across to non-spanish speakers of the state.f Baja California Sur. 

Translation of the Message from the Governor of Baja California Sur
The coronavirus presents the greatest health threat we have experienced in decades. According to the world health organizations, there are now more than 200,000 cases worldwide and that is expected to double in the next 12 days. The rapid expansion of cases is typical of epidemics. 
Yesterday the UN alerted nations that if actions aren't taken promptly it may cost millions of lives. For example, it was reported that 627 persons died in Italy just today. We want to avoid those levels of tragedy here. (outdated statistics for Mexico here) It is not a question IF the virus will arrive here, it is a question of when. 
The governor then outlines the three stages of the virus, importation, dispersion in the community and finally, epidemic levels. A majority of residents will be infected, some may not even know they carry the disease and one in ten may require hospitalization. It will be important that those that require medical attention can receive it. This is why slowing the spread of the virus is important, as to not overwhelm the healthcare system. 
For this, the state is setting up telephone and video call diagnostics to screen patients for treatment. Those with fevers of more than 38°C muscle and joint pain and difficulty breathing can communicate with offices of the Secretary of Health by telephone 612-199-5386 where healthcare workers will evaluate your situation with a video call and help you with steps to follow. This technology will be available Monday, March 23. This will allow the evaluation of persons from a distance and not overwhelm the medical facilities and some will be treated at home with the proper medical tools available. 
The saturation of medical facilities must be reserved for the worst cases that can not be treated at home and require hospitalization. Severe cases will be transported to hospitals by staff with equipment to avoid contagion. As of March 20 classes at all levels of education have been suspended through the 20th of April. THIS IS NOT A VACATION. 
This is a unique moment in our history where each and every one of us must think of the greater good and not just think of ourselves. Take care of yourselves in-home, follow the recommended methods of hygiene and keep social distancing recommended by world health organizations.
In concurrence with this, state employees who are pregnant, over 65, being treated for cancer or undergoing dialysis or those with previous special dispensation from the Sec of Health will not need to report to work through April 17. All state workers will be suspended beginning April 6 -20 and state offices will be closed except for health and safety services. Repeating this is NOT a vacation. We must work together to slow the spread of this virus and contain those that are contagious.
Unfortunately, this event is coupled with an economic emergency. With travel restrictions and closing of borders from our major tourism markets it has left hotels vacant and a drop in business for tour operators and providers. This will be a problem in the short term and it is important the state does what it can to help the problem. Impuestos Sobre Nomina.  property tax and vehicle registration for March. April and May. Authorization for these acts will be published Monday. 
These acts will not be enough and the governor then calls on private sectors to do what they can to avoid disruption of services to those affected by the economic impact. (ie telephone, electric, water, and other essential services) Let us not be distracted from the primary problem at hand. 
The governor then calls upon the federal government agencies and private enterprises to use their resources to help lessen the economic impact. Also for the citizens to act accordingly to additional actions taken by the federal government such as those taken by France and Canada as these actions become necessary.
Together we can achieve more This is a world health crisis that requires the action of everyone. Observe the recommendations to avoid handshakes, embraces, and kisses, even of family members. and maintain the recommended safe distance in public and avoid personal contact in distance less than a meter, including in your own homes.
 We must also recognize those in our healthcare sector. They are our heroes and our great personal protectors, they are facing the same threat we are. Show them solidarity, recognition, respect, and value as they are taking care of all of us.
Let's avoid panic, we have seen what that has brought in other countries and now they are paying the consequences. It is a grave error to think that the solution doesn't depend on all of us. Panic buying does not help anyone. Without the solidarity of the society, nothing the government does will be of consequence. We must all act together With responsibility and solidarity in these difficult times we will get through this.
We in government will continue to revise our actions and look for solutions that benefit the greater good. We have seen what has happened on a world level. This is a situation that changes every minute. The state will correspond with a website of information WE have the capacity to not make the same mistakes and react with effective measures. Do not pay attention to rumors, consult only those official sources. Confidence is also important in this fight. Endorse these actions with empathy, solidarity and with promise to our families and more. We have seen this break other, but not us. We are good hardworking people, people of promise, together we will get through this amd move forward. Thank you very much.

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