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Posted by Tomas on December 06, 2018
  • Dog walking on the La Paz Malecon
    Dog walking on the La Paz Malecon
  • Dogs restricted on the La Paz Malecon in response to a dog attack
    Dogs restricted on the La Paz Malecon in response to a dog attack
  • La Paz Malecon at sunset
    La Paz Malecon at sunset


The policy of banning Dogs on the Malecon has been tabled for the time being. The Mayor's edict that dogs should be banned on the boardwalk area on November 12 was referred to commitee for discussion on November 14.  If you walk your dog along the La Paz Malecon we encourage you to be a good pet owner, keep the animal leashed and clean up after your pet. The oposition is watching!

Reacting to a specific incident a week earlier and a number of complaints Mayor Rubén Muñoz Álvarez has decided to put an end to these situations. Alleging zero tolerance all dogs, including those on a leash are not permitted on the Malecón from Marcus de Leon to El Coromuel Beach on November 12, 2018

The fine to be imposed for dog owners walking their pets, even with a leash, on the Malecón was to be $1600 pesos or about $80USD. 

A march by pet owners and outcry to the city put the politicians on the spot and delayed making any decision "until the facts are reviewed". If pet uise of the Malecon continues to lack respect for non-pet walkers it is likely the ban will be reinstated.

Note for Dog Owners:

Rabies vaccines are required yearly in Mexico and the vet should provide you with a numbered tag.
Most cities offer free vaccination.

The mayor also stressed that all dogs outside of their home should be leashed and have tags indicating current vaccinations.

It is of note that this action takes place one week after a woman was bitten by a dog walking with her owner. The pet owner failed to take responsibility for the action and fled the scene.

He also pointed out that only five parks in the city of La Paz are authorized for dog walking; Parque Revolución, Parque Pueblo Nuevo, Parque Francisco King, Parque Villas del Encanto, and Parque Camino Real.

However, on Monday night both tourists and locals were seen walking their dogs on the Malecón without being accosted by police. 



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