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  • Could it be your dream of a Bed and Breakfast on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur?
    Could it be your dream of a Bed and Breakfast on the Pacific coast of Baja California Sur?


You hear all kinds of dreams in Baja – but a recurring fantasy is of owning one’s own small hotel with restaurant and bar – perhaps nothing fancy, but with personal service and quality. Many of the current hotels and resorts on the Sea of Cortez began with a panga owner offering a day’s fishing, with a driftwood grill and an ice-chest at the end of it. The Pacific coastline from Todos Santos south exploded with the paving of Highway 19 in the early 90s, and is now well-served with dozens of hostelries.

The mid-Pacific coast (Todos Santos north up to Bahia Magdalena, about 106 miles/172km in a completely misleading straight line) is a beautiful and off-the-beaten-track sort of place.  The coast is sparsely populated: a few villages inhabited by fishermen or agricultural workers and old Baja ranches whose families raise cattle, goats, and sheep and make cheese. The open Pacific beaches sweep from point to point and are pristine, rarely visited except for the odd fisherman. The climate is wonderful – winters similar to Cortez, summers average 15F/7C cooler!

We came to live at Rancho la Aguja (15 minutes north of Conquista – see map) in 2000, and started the Playas Pacificas beachfront development in 2013. Playas has grown slowly but steadily (the mid-Pacific coast is not yet fashionable), but with the completion of the paved road to Conquista in 2014, putting La Paz just an hour away (closer to La Paz than Los Barriles or Todos Santos), visitor traffic has certainly increased!

 At Playas Pacificas, we have almost everything – a secure and tranquil rural valley setting, beautiful beaches, cactus forests, a neighborhood large enough for years of exploration, easy access to the city lights and an honest three hours to San Diego – but we could really use a social center! There is not a single competitive bar, restaurant or hotel room between northern La Paz and San Carlos (on Bahia Magdalena).

Here at Playas Pacificas we need a community magnet, a beachfront inn that can accommodate guests, development visitors and weary coastal travelers, feed them a delicious locally-sourced meal, and send them on their way refreshed and reenergized; a bar where everybody may not know your name, but where you will always be welcome.

If you have the dream to own a B&B or small beachfront inn (having done so would help, but is not mandatory), we have an offer that should be very appealing: we have a beautiful site for a small hotel with the only power line to this part of the coast and water on the property boundary. The size of the site is flexible (2,000 square meters up).

The actual cost of the land and infrastructure will be from nothing to very low – our interest here is in a beautiful inn, not in land profit - and will depend entirely on your own needs and vision: from a zero-cost profit-sharing partnership, to flexible terms or wholly-owned purchase – we are fully open to any viable solution. The client would need to show sufficient funds to complete basic agreed amenities within a mutually-agreed period.


 If this opportunity is of interest to you, please open the conversation at

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