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Posted by Tomas on July 22, 2017
  • The Baja peninsula is the #1 foreign destination for RV travelers
    The Baja peninsula is the #1 foreign destination for RV travelers
  • In a medical emergency when traveling it is always reassuring to know that your are covered.
    In a medical emergency when traveling it is always reassuring to know that your are covered.
  • Watercraft insurance is required of any vessel navigating the waters of Mexico
    Watercraft insurance is required of any vessel navigating the waters of Mexico
  • Motorcyling the Baja peninsula
    Motorcyling the Baja peninsula is proud of our ongoing affiliation with! The online Insurance site for International Insurance Group, Inc. (IIG) is licensed in all 50 US states, and works with several A-rated Mexico Insurance companies to offer Auto and RV Insurance, Medical (Travel and Global) Insurance, Boat or Personal Watercraft Insurance, and Homeowners Insurance. 

Below you can see some of the options for all the insurance offers including the short term Patriot (travel) insurance and longer term (annual) Global Medical policies for expatriates. (IIG) issues nearly 100,000 policies a year through partners such as, AAA, GEICO, American Family, BBVA, and other large national accounts who have customers who visit or own homes in Mexico.

Mexico Home and Condo Owners Insurance makes it easy to secure outstanding insurance for homes and condos in Mexico. Hurricane coverage is available for beachfront properties, without having to install storm shutters. The program is designed to provide liability and loss of rents coverage for dwellings that are rented to others. Grupo Nacional Provincial S.A. is one of the oldest and most trusted insurance carriers in Mexico, and with U.S. styled deductibles the cost of a policy is typically lower than most competitors.

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Mexico Auto and RV Insurance

Coverage is provided by “A rated”, top Mexico auto insurance companies who are authorized and recognized in Mexico. IIG covers all types of Autos, SUV’s, RV’s, Motorcycles, and Travel Trailers.  Liability coverage can extend from $50,000 to $300,000. Every Mexico liability auto insurance policy they sell carries medical coverage for you and your passengers, guaranteed legal and bond assistance, roadside assistance and travel assistance insurance. Physical damage policies will protect your own vehicle against collision, fire, overturn, theft and vandalism.  IIG also offers several deductible options and big discounts on long term policies. 

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Mexico Watercraft Insurance

When traveling into Mexico with your Boat or Personal Watercraft (Jet Ski) there are a few things you should be aware of regarding insurance to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Policy Flexibility

With Mexpro® you have the ability to purchase boat or Jet Ski insurance for Mexico that best suits your needs. We offer policies on a daily basis or annual terms.

Price is primarily based on two factors: Number of days and Value of watercraft.

You have the option to purchase Mexican Watercraft Insurance directly online or by calling in to our team of licensed Mexico insurance professionals who can assist you over the phone.

Mexican Boat Insurance Coverage

We offer Mexico liability insurance coverage for your boat and Jet Ski. Like most traditional split limits we offer coverage ranging from $50,000 per person to $250,000 per person for bodily injury. Our Mexican boat / watercraft insurance policies also include $20,000 in legal assistance and bond coverage. If you are looking for physical damage coverage, ask your current insurer about insurance for Mexico.

Our Mexico watercraft insurance policies are written through El Aguila and ACE Seguros. All of our carriers are well-known and respected Mexico insurance companies that have great customer service and bilingual representatives available to assist your needs while in Mexico.

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Mexico/International Medical Insurance

Global Medical health Insurance coverage provides health insurance wherever you are……and works almost exactly the same as the Health Insurance Plans you are accustomed to in the U.S. or Canada.

IIG specializes in International Health and Travel Insurance options for short and long-term visits abroad and for expatriates. Our Health and Travel Insurance coverage for Expatriates is available to both U.S. and non-U.S. citizens, and you can seek treatment in both Mexico and the U.S. in most cases.

We use only A.M. Best A-rated insurers, providing the highest quality and most affordable International Health and Travel Insurance. Our program administrator is International Medical Group, Inc. (IMG). IMG’s insurance has covered more than 500,000 people in more than 170 countries worldwide.

The International Health and Travel insurance products we offer encompass a broad range of International travelers including vacationers, those living and working abroad for short or extended periods of time, those who travel often between different countries, those with multiple residences in more than one country.

For short term coverage, please choose the Patriot Travel insurance plan for annually renewable health insurance; please choose the Global Medical option

Unfortunately, many purchasers of insurance for Mexico are misled by believing that they can rely on the broker, rather than the Mexican Insurance Company, to properly handle their claim in Mexico. The truth is the Mexican Insurance company for Mexico insurance products should be much more important to you than the Broker that sells you the policy. Although you will want to make sure that the broker is properly licensed, and has the customer service facility needed to properly take care of your needs, it is the Mexican Insurance Company that ultimately pays the claim.

Why buy from MexPro?

As the global economic environment continues in a state of uncertainty, it may be more important than ever to purchase insurance for Mexico from a financially strong insurer. No matter how reputable your agent or broker, if they are placing your insurance with a troubled insurer you could be in for some unpleasant surprises in the event of a claim. There are over 50 Mexican Insurance Companies in Mexico; similar to the U.S., "some are good and some are bad." You can search to ensure that the insurer you are using for Mexico coverage is properly rated. and IIG (our agency partner) uses only rated insurers such as GNP, ACE, and GMAC/ABA.  Many well known insurers in Mexico are unrated because they do not have the financial strength to qualify for a rating from AM Best. 

You can quote, purchase, and print your policies via the links above, or you can call the phone numbers listed below  and one of their professional staff of over 20 employees will help you.  If you call, they will ask you ‘from whom have you been referred?”  Be sure to mention BajaInsider!

Mexpro - Mexico Insurance Professionals 

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Mexpro - Mexico Insurance Professionals


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