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Posted by Tomas on February 06, 2017
  • The Los Barriles Dog Show
    The Los Barriles Dog Show
  • Los Barriles Dog Show - Awaiting the Agility Course
  • Los Barriles Dog Show - Guard Dog Demonstration
    Los Barriles Dog Show - Guard Dog Demonstration
  • Los Barriles Dog Show - Awards
    Los Barriles Dog Show - Awards

The Baja Kennel Club is delighted to announce that the second Los Barriles Dog Show will take place on Sunday February 26th 2017 at the Hotel Palmas de Cortez from 10.30am.  Information can be found on the website

The 2017 event is expected to attract twice as many spectators and participants building on the huge success of the 2015 show that saw over 150 dogs competing, and over $5,000 raised for spaying and neutering activities across the East Cape.

Major sponsors including Purina of Mexico and Forrajera San Joaquin (La Paz) have joined Postal Annex from the US and Hotel Palmas de Cortez (Van Wormer Resorts) to make the show bigger and better than the first event.

Emma Nicholson, Baja Kennel Club, comments: "The success of the first show was beyond our expectations.  We were delighted that both the Mexican and American/Canadian communities came together to celebrate and have fun with their pets while enjoying a fun, family day out.   The feedback from communities, from Cabo to La Paz, confirms that we can expect many more people in 2017.  We hope the show will become one of the largest charity tourist events in Baja by uniting people through their love for their dogs."

Devised by Emma Nicholson and Tracey Lewis, and supported by their committee, the second Los Barriles Dog Show will feature a range of new events and displays including:

Los Barriles Dog Show - Frisbee DemonstrationEvents

  • .Display by the Disc Dogs of Mexico from Mexico City.
  • .Demonstrations by the Schutzhund Club and The Pit Bull Association of La Paz.
  • .Amateur agility events - based on experience and a six week training course in Los Barriles.

New and existing classes including:

  • Best looking mixed breed (large 40lbs+)Best looking pure breed (large 40lbs+)
  • Best looking mixed breed (small -40lbs)Best looking pure breed (small -40lbs)
  • Best trick or skill.
  • Dog that's most like its owner
  • Best costume.
  • Cutest pair
  • Temptation Alley - dogs attempt to run a gauntlet of treats, hot dogs and toys for a prize


The proceeds from the show will go to local East Cape charities ALMA, Amigos De Animales and SNAP to support essential spay and neuter clinics.  The show will also see new trophies introduced to honor the contribution of three significant community members who sadly passed away in 2016:

  • The Sheila Marshall Trophy - best costume winner (Sheila was the President of Alma)
  • The Ila Buckley Trophy - cutest pair winner (Ila was the founder of SNAP)
  • The Marty Lentz Trophy - agility event winner (Marty Lentz was a local philanthropist)

Sheila, Ila and Marty all devoted their lives to the welfare of dogs in Baja Sur over the past few decades and will be very much missed by the whole community.

Emma Nicholson continues:

"We're delighted that we have secured four times the amount of sponsorship for the 2017 event.  Any interested sponsors can choose between platinum, gold, silver or bronze level sponsorship options.  In return, every sponsor will be supported by a Sponsor Manager and a publicity plan to promote their brand's involvement in the show before, during and after the event."





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