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Posted by BajaInsider on August 29, 2018
  • The new $500 peso note is the first of a family of new bills to be issued by the Bank of Mexico in coming months.
    The new $500 peso note is the first of a family of new bills to be issued by the Bank of Mexico in coming months.


In 2018-2019 the Bank of Mexico will be introducing into circulation of the new family of banknotes, the first of which was the denomination of 500 pesos, and will be available through the banking system as of Tuesday, August 28 of this year.

The new banknotes will present improvements in its safety features, functionality and durability, as well as graphic motifs which will represent the historical identity and the natural heritage Mexico.

The new banknotes contain improved security measures and elements reinforced and, at the same time, simple authentication for users, including people with visual weakness and blindness. (Monetary note and coin value is by size) They are also made with latest generation  materials, which will extend its life in circulation.

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The new designs are a departure from the old bills but will continue to allude to the historical persons and events that define Mexico as a nation. For the first time the new bills will have images of the natural beauty that is Mexico.

On the face of each denomination one of the following historical events will be represented: Old Mexico, the Colony, the Independence, the Reformation and the Restoration of the Republic, the Revolution and Contemporary Mexico.

On the reverse, there will be the six most representative ecosystems of our geography: rivers and lakes, temperate forests, dry forests, thickets and deserts, coasts, seas and islands, and humid forests, through recognized sites on the "World Heritage" list of the Organization of the United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO).

Also on the back of each new bill there will be an element of fauna and flora identified with each one of the six ecosystems.

To define the general characteristics of banknotes, the Bank of Mexico worked closely with renowned experts from prestigious national institutions.

The New $500 Peso Bill

The predominant color of the new $500 peso note is blue and measures 146 mm long x 65 mm high.

On the front side: The Reformation and the Restoration of the Republic is illustrated. To match the period the main portrait is of President Benito Juárez (1806-1872), member of the Liberal Reformation and to its left, the vignette is a fragment of the engraving of Alberto Beltrán, who represents the triumphal entry of Juarez into Mexico City, giving beginning to the period known as the RestoredRepublic. To complete the composition, the subscript: "PRESIDENT BENITO JUÁREZ, DRIVER OF THE REFORM LAW, IN HIS TRIUMPHAL ENTRANCE TO THE CITY OF MEXICO ON JULY 15, 1867, SYMBOLIZING THE RESTORATION OF THE REPUBLIC.

On the flip side: The ecosystem of coasts, seas and islands in the Biosphere Reserve of El Vizcaíno, natural heritage of humanity, located in Baja California Sur. To the center of the bill and as the main reason, there is the image of a gray whale with its calf and on the right is the subscript "ECOSYSTEM OF COSTS, MARES AND ISLANDS, REPRESENTED BY THE GRAY WHALE, ITS BALLENATO AND MARINE PASTOS, IN THE RESERVE OF THE BIOSPHERE EL VIZCAÍNO IN BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR, NATURAL HERITAGE OF HUMANITY".

The composition is completed with a representation of sea grasses in the ocean and the orographic relief of the Biosphere.

In the upper left and lower right corners is the denomination with number, in horizontal and vertical positions is displayed. In the upper central part, background is patterned with the biznaga flower and the script "BANCO DE MÉXICO" and in the lower left, the denomination spelled out.

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