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Posted by Tomas on May 31, 2018
  • Summer adventures on the Baja peninsula
    Summer adventures on the Baja peninsula
  • Plan for your Baja Road Trip
    Plan for your Baja Road Trip
  • Summer boating to escape the heat in the Sea of Cortez
    Summer boating to escape the heat in the Sea of Cortez
  • Hurricanes DO come to the Baja peninsula, propperly insure your investment before the season begins
    Hurricanes DO come to the Baja peninsula, propperly insure your investment before the season begins
  • Of all the things to insure, your health should be one of them.
    Of all the things to insure, your health should be one of them.

Summer can provide great opportunities for exploring and enjoying the Baja peninsula. Although the winter months have traditionally been more popular with the snowbird crowd, there are also activities that have long been enjoyed during the peninsula's warmer months. 

Road Tripping the peninsula during the summer has long been popular, particularly to destinations along the Pacific coastal areas. Weekend excursions from Southern California can take you to Tijuana and Ensenada. About an hour south of Ensenada is La Bufadora, a popular tourist destination. 

But like most other countries, Mexico now requires minimum liability insurance on Federal Highways. Unless you are driving extremely locally, it is probable you will drive on a Federal road. This is not something you will be pulled over for specifically, but will likely be an add-on infraction. 

Mexican liability auto insurance and even full coverage Mexico insurance are very affordable. It can also be important in the event of an accident. You may be detained in Mexico until the significant liability is covered, this can be as inconvenient as a delay in your vacation to as significant as delaying medical treatment. Click here to begin your West Coast Mexico auto insurance application now.

Motorcycle excursions down the Baja peninsula have long been popular summertime activities. West Coast México Insurance can assist you with a México motorcycle insurance policy with our online quote & apply quoting tool.

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Another popular summer activity is sports fishing. The warmer months bring wahoo, dorado, cabrilla, sailfish and of course marlin. A great way to access sports fishing on the Sea of Cortez is by your own trailered boat. 

All vessels operating in Mexican waters are required to provide proof of Mexican waterways liability insurance. Most marinas and access ramp facilities will require you to present proof of Mexican boat insurance and if boarded by the Mexican Navy you may be required to present the same documentation. 

Like vehicle insurance in Mexico, you will find long and short-term boat and trailer insurance very affordable.

Personal watercraft including Boats & Yachts in Mexico can be insured for liability alone or full coverage.

Click here to get started with your online México watercraft application with West Coast Global Insurance Services. 

Of course, there is one more summertime activity we like to avoid, that being our tropical cyclone season. If you own property on the Baja peninsula homeowners insurance in México can protect you from loss from theft, fire and storm damage. But now is the time to obtain your coverage. Once a named storm is present in our Eastern Pacific basin no further policies can be written until the Tropical Strom or Hurricane passes and no longer proves a threat. Click here to begin your México Homeowners Insurance Application now.  

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The final insurance to consider if you are spending significant time south of the border or traveling worldwide would be Global Health coverage. In the event of serious accident or health issue, you may need to be transported back to the country where your health coverage will provide you better care than you can access in Mexico. Air transport to locations north of the border can be cripplingly expensive without Global Health coverage.

Click here for more information on West Coast Global's travel health policies. 

Summertime can be a great time to explore the many facets of the Baja peninsula. Insuring yourself and your property through West Coast Global Insurance can make that adventure worry-free.

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