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Posted by Tomas on October 20, 2018
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Sunday September 16, 2018

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BajaInsider Update December 12, 2018


Greetings BajaInsider Subscribers:

November blew right past and here we are already moving into the holiday season. The city crews have been stringing the lights and setting up the display at the Secretary of Education's office here in La Paz and it looks more spectacular than ever. We'll get some pictures up for you as soon as they are done.

Today is Dia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, which celebrates the event which bonded the Catholic Church to the Latin American population and is particularly celebrated this week in Mexico City but is a major holiday across the Latin American community.Today is Dia de Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, which celebrates the event which bonded the Catholic Church to the Latin American population and is particularly celebrated this week in Mexico City but is widely celebrated throughout the Latin American community.

In the mean time, whale watching season is almost upon us and our friends at EcoBaja Sur Tours invite you to make reservations for their Glamour Camping facility and up close whale watching tour in San Ignacio, beginning January 20.

Spring time makes a great time for a cruise aboard a small ship in the Sea of Cortez and we invite you to check out the information from our sponsor AdvertureSmith Explorations.

The holidays are a busy time to drive the peninsula, please remember that minimum liability auto insurance is required to drive on Mexican Federal Highways. Click here for an online application now.

Mexico has a new president sworn in December 1, who won by a landslide victory back in July. With a majority mandate the country appears more unitied than ever in its choice of direction for the next 6 years. I take a look at the 100 points that AMLO outlined in his inauguration address.

I've been here in Baja a long time and many things have changed. In what started to be a single article Part One looks at a few of the things that have changed dramatically in Baja California Sur over the past two decades.

Without further ado, here are the top stories on the BajaInsider.com


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 EcoTours Baja Sur offers glamour camping on the beach in famous Laguna San Ignacion with tours to interact with the famous Friendly Gray Whales... Read more

A look at what the new president of Mexico and the Morena party look forward to accomplishing for the country in the next six years... Read more

Several times over the 15 years of the BajaInsider's history I have looked at what has changed since I arrived in Baja to live, now 18 years ago. Read more

With dramatic mountain backdrops the new Marina Puerto Escondid is the gateway to great fishing, islands to explore and an abundance of anchorages that make up the Central Sea of Cortez... Read more

Bahia Balandra La Paz isla Espiritu Santos Dia de Guadalupe Hurricanes

Revised achoring restrictions for vessels over 25' are now in place from the more westward point of Mushroom Rock to the point near the fallen rock on the south wall of the bay. Read more

Information for the use of the Gulf of California Islands Flora and Fauna Protected Area Marine Zone of Espiritu Santo Archipelago National Park. The Espiritu Santo Archipelago... Read more

December 12th celebrates Dia de Guadalupe, a legendary event that bonded the people of Mexico, and much of the native New World peoples and... Read more

The 2018 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season officially wrapped up December 1, but the basin has been quiet since Xavier fizzled out on November... Read more


Editor's Picks

San Ignacio catherdral Whale Watching in Baja California Sur Zika Virus in Mexico Military check points in Mexico

I have had a lengthy love affair with Mexico and my most recent fabulous fling being with the Baja Peninsula. The thought of this wonderful long stretch of varied and much surprising land makes my heart flutter as much as a new boyfriend would. Read more

The warm, calm waters at La Paz attracts hundreds of whales during migrating season. Migrating whales that travel 20,000 miles from the Bering Sea to reach Baja. Read more

Updated December 11, 2018, As the mosquito season ends and temperatures across Mexico cool the rate of Zika infection has declined. Only one new case tested... Read more

As you travel along Mex 1, it won’t be long before you will encounter a sign indicating there is a military checkpoint ahead. There are a few things you should know before setting out on your journey... Read more

Noche Buena in Baja Gray Whale Watching in Baja Dogs on the La Paz malecon Whale Watching in Baja

On the evening of the 24th of December Mexico slowly shutters the stores, the streets clear and for the most part, the hustle and bustle retires around sunset for the most important night of the Christmas holiday celebration, Noche Buena. Read more

Gray whale watching season begins in early December and moves along the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula and ends in early April as the whale return north. Read more

The policy of banning Dogs on the Malecon has been tabled for the time being. The Mayor's edict that dogs should be banned on the boardwalk area on November 12 was referred to commitee for discussion on November 14... Read more

Long time Insider reader and friend has brought us this first hand story and great photo essay of his trip to see the friendly gray whales of Puerto Lopez Mateo. Read more 

Mushroom Rock La Paz
Medical Insurance
Sail boat for sale

The Mushroom Rock in Bahia Balandra has long been the symbol of La Paz Appearing in postcards and countless photos. ... Read more

The plant was originally used by the Aztecs and was called “Cuetlaxochitle”. They used the sap from the plant's bract to reduce fevers and to make a reddish-purple dye.... Read more

 Travel Medical Insurance is becoming more and more popular and necessary for good reason these days.  I had been hearing enough stories of people having severe medical issues Read more
This classic well maintained 1980 Hunter Cherubini Cutter is cruise ready in the Sea of Cortez. Rugged construction and quick under sail, the perfect Sea of Cortez Cruiser or weekend adventurer. Read more

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A Baja adventure has long been known as a paradise for experienced sailors and those with their own yachts. But now you can enjoy the Sea in comfort and exclusivity... Read more

It’s only fitting that when you visit the Sea of Cortez—the body of water that Jacques Cousteau dubbed the aquarium of the world—that you travel by water. There is just so very... Read more

Driving in Mexico can be an enriching experience if you know the rules of the road. These are slightly different from the US in that there... Read more

The marine industry in La Paz will take another big step in modernization this fall as Navales Servicos La Paz S.A. de CV brings into service... Read more


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Pack Muling the Serria Desert sunset Travel Advisoy Mexico Passports for Mexico

The Sierra de La Laguna is the mountain range located in Baja Sur south of La Paz and on southward towards Cabo San Lucas. November is... Read more

When is the best time of year to visit Baja California Sur? Summers are hot and great for fishing and winters are cooler but a great escape for those from up north. Read more

The US State Department regularly issues travel information on most countries and on August 22, 2018 has continued the Level 2 Travel Advisory for Mexico. Let's look at the reality of it for travel on the Baja peninsula. Read more

 The Immigration Service of Mexico has announced that it will be required to present a valid passport of your home nation for pedestrians crossing into Mexico at the San Ysiadro crossing... Read more


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