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Posted by BajaInsider on December 19, 2020
  • Mask-up is now the LAW in Baja California Sur.
    Mask-up is now the LAW in Baja California Sur.


Translation of the new health and safety measures enacted by the legislature of Baja California Sur and entered into the state Gazette on 12/18/2020. The new law requires the use of masks in all indoor and outdoor public locations, and while driving.  Fines of up to $8600MN and up to 36hrs in jail for noncompliance to the full health measures. 


FIRST ARTICLE. "The purpose of this Agreement is to establish as a priority measure of prevention and care for public health, the mandatory use of a mask as well as other measures to prevent the transmission and risks of contagion of the COVID-19 disease, until the State Committee of Sagunidad en Salud officially declares the conclusion of the health emergency of the SARS CoV2 virus (COVID-19)

SECOND ARTICLE.- The use of face masks is mandatory for all people who are in the territory of the State of Baja California Sur on roads and public spaces or for common use, inside establishments either for trade, industry or Services, Centers of work of any branch, shopping centers, considered essential or non-essential, as well as for users, operators and drivers of the passenger transport service in any modality.

ARTICLE THREE.- In addition to the mandatory use of the mask, the population is reiterated strict compliance with the following sanitary measures issued by the State Health authority:

  • The domiciliary guard
  • The healthy distance of 1.5 meters between people
  • Frequent handwashing with soap and water
  • The use of antibacterial gel
  • Avoid touching your nose, mouth, eyes, face in general
  • Cover your mouth and nose with the inside corner of your arm in case of coughing or stupidity.

ARTICLE FOUR.- To preserve the health of the population, social gatherings and celebrations that alter public order and in which a maximum of fifteen people attend are strictly prohibited, and a healthy distance between the attendees must be guaranteed at all times.

It should be privileged that the meetings and celebrations on the occasion of the Christmas season, be in the company of the people who make up the family nucleus of daily coexistence, for which, it must be according to what is established in the Sanitary Protocol for Posadas, Christmas Celebrations and New Year's Eve prepared by the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks.

ARTICLE FIVE.- The installation of sanitary fixtures is provided in the different municipalities of the entity, in order to verify compliance with the measures referred to in this Agreement.

ARTICLE SIX.- Compliance with the provisions contained in this Agreement will be monitored by the municipal authorities, by the State Health Council, the State Health Safety Committee, the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks, the Secretary of Public Safety of the State, the Attorney General's Office of the State and the Undersecretary of Civil Protection, who, if required, may rely on the National Guard, in accordance with the Sanitary Emergency Decree issued by the General Health Council.

ARTICLE SEVEN.- People who interfere in the implementation or refuse to comply with the sanitary measures established in this Agreement, or refuse to comply with the requirements and provisions of the different authorities, putting the health of the population at risk, will be sanctioned under the terms of ARTICLE SEVENTH of the Agreement by which new sanitary measures adopted by the State Health Safety Committee are disclosed, published in the Official Gazette of the State Government on April 24, 2020, which for prompt reference is transcribed below:

SEVENTH.- People who fail to comply with the measures established in this agreement, as well as those decreed on March 31 of this year, will be entitled to the following sanctions:

  • Arrest for 36 hours and payment of a fine of 100 UMAS;
  • If the offender does not cover the payment of the fine, he may do community work for a term of three days; and,
  • In case of recidivism, it may be made available to the Public Ministry for the probable commission of the crime of danger of contagion, provided for in Article 158 of the State Penal Code and the others that are applicable.

Community Work will consist of activities related to the contingency, such as transfer of food to vulnerable groups, cleaning in health centers and hospitals that do not attend to cases (COVID-19). preparation of face masks for distribution to vulnerable populations, and any other that the authorities in the field of public safety and health determine, that do not put the integrity of the offenders at risk.

Those persons who violate honor, physical integrity or discriminate in any way against the personnel of health institutions will also be made available to the corresponding authorities.

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