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Baja Road Report
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Baja Road Report
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Featured Baja Adventures & Activities

More Adventures & Activities in Baja

More Baja Adventures...

Baja California Sur Adventures

Vagbundos fishing tournamentsVagabundos Fishing Tournaments

Mark your calendars for these top fishing events sponsored by the travel club that offers insurance for Baja.

Foundation Days in La PazFounder's Days in La Paz

The second largest event on the La Paz calendar will celebrate 478 years since Cortez stepped ashore.

Punto Chivato Dorado TournamentDorado Tournament Jun 21-23

Bulls Only Dorado Tournament to be held in Punta Chivato, BCS will be a lot of fun. Details here...

Golf in La Paz, Baja California SurGreat Golf in La Paz

The CostaBaja Golf Club welcomes you to their Gary Player Signature 18 Hole Course overlooking the Sea.

Garden in the Sea

A habitat for marine life, an underwater art work and new dive site off Isla Espiritu Santos.

Travel Insurance

Swimming with Whale SharksSwim with the Whale Sharks

Take a day trip with Fun Baja and swim with these gentle giants if you dare!

Full Moon Sailing on the Sea of Cortez Full Moon Sailing the Sea

Full moon sailing on the Sea can be an illuminating journey and a great time to explore.

Boating and life in La PazA Decade in La Paz Pt 4

Editor Tomas takes a look at boating, recreation, fishing and the people that call Baja home.

Kayaking the Sea of Cortez near LoretoRudderless Bliss - Kayaking

Ingrid Hart writes of her trip in Loreto Bay National Park in the Sea of Cortez


Kayaking in the Sea of CortezVirgin Kayaking in the Sea

Join one of our readers as she takes you along on her desire to enjoy some of beautiful Baja.

Baja HaHaTo Baja Ha-Ha or Not to Ha-Ha

We look at the fun you have and the things you miss on this Cruiser's Rally . Some tips too.

Beaches of Baja SurPacific Beaches of Baja Sur

The Pacific beaches are beautiful, but not every beach is for everyone.


Horseback Riding in BajaHorseback in Baja

Take a equestrian journey back in time into the rugged mountains of Baja Sur.

La Paz ActivitiesAdventures in La Paz

Gateway to the Sea of Cortez La Paz has restaurants and eco activities galore, find the best.

Espiritu Santos IslandsIsla Espiritu Santos

Just 23 miles north of La Paz, the islands provide secluded anchorages & volcan summits

Sea Turtle Rescue in Todos Santos Leatherback Turtle Rescue

Todos Santos sands are too cool for the incubation process. Rescuers save the eggs.

About East Cape in Baja California SurAbout East Cape, Baja Sur

It wasn't that long ago that it took a hearty sole to venture to this fisherman's secret.

La Paz BeachesBeaches in La Paz

La Paz has miles of beaches. Know where you want to go to get your feet wet.

Read MoreLos Cabos Region

Advetures & Ground Transportation in Cabo San LucasTours & Transportation

In Cabo TransCabo not only offers airport transportation but a variety of land tours too.

Record Marlin in Cabo1213 Pound Marlin Caught

It has been a long time since a fish this big has been hauled into Cabo San Lucas.

Visit Los Cabos Why Visit Los Cabos?

Visit Los Cabos with its wide variety of entertainment , it has something for all.

Cabo Golden Zone Welcome to the Golden Zone

Located marina-side in Cabo is the Golden Zone, an arcade of fine restaurants and shops.

Cabo AdventuresAdventures in Los Cabos

A section devoted just to things to do in Cabo San Lucas from dining to sailing we have lots...

Diving & Snorkeling Adventures

Whale Shark Whale Shark Encounters

The largest fish in the ocean can be seen late fall to late spring in the Bay of La Paz.

Swimming with Sealions Swimming with Sea Lions

Take an adventure trip to the rock known as Los Islotes and swim with the sea lions.

Diving El BajoDiving El Bajo

The Sea of Cortez can yield some magnificent diving. Here is a story of one of those dives.

Diving Sea of Cortez Best Diving of My Life

Visibility may reach as much as 100' in what Cousteau call "The aquarium to the world".

Shark Diving Baja Shark Diving in Baja California

Looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping? Get nose to nose with a great white.


Cedros Outdoor AdventuresCedros Outdoor Adventures

Once covered in cedar trees, COA aims for sustainable tourism on the island.

Fishing Limits MexicoFishing Limits in Mexico

Do you know the legal limits for your catch in Mexican waters? Observe fishing limits.


Adventures - General

Kayak for fishing the Sea of Cortez The Kayak for Fishing

Gary Graham was impressed with the new Hobie Mirage fishing kayak. Read his review and order one for yourself.

Sting ray stingsTreating Stingrays & More

Avoid and treat Stingrays, jellyfish, man-o-wars and more lurk in the waters of Baja.

Dust to GloryFrom Dust to Glory

A film about the adventure for those who are Baja 1000 enthusiasts and others.

Nude Beaches BajaNude Beaches in Baja?

Is there such a thing? With all the secluded coastline of Baja there must be a place!

Blue Whale ResearchBlue Whale Research

The largest creature know to exist, an interview with leading researcher Dr. Diane Gendro

Sweat Lodge Ceremony Baja A Mezzo-American Adventure

The sweat lodge is a rite of purification in many native American cultures.

Flying the length of BajaSeeing Baja from the Sky

James Glover takes you on a flight over Baja. See some spectacular shots from the air.

Surf forecasting for Baja California Surf Forecasting in Baja

Surfer and Baja here are tips on Baja surf and the resources to know when it's time to board.

Pangueros of The SeaThe Pangueros of the Sea

An Eco-tale of the fishermen in the Sea of Cortez. and how their lives have changed.

Invitation to BajaA Spring Invitation from Baja

Spring is high season for Baja Sur tourism for throngs of escaping snowbirds.

Summer Travel in Baja

If you need to thaw your bones, go sport fishing, swim, scuba or snorkel the season is at hand.

Fall Travel BajaFall Travel in Baja

One of the finest times of year to visit Baja Sur is in late fall. Our heat goes, the Sea is still warm.

Fall Travel Tips for BajaFall Travel Tips for Baja

With our wonderful late fall weather come some great tips for things and places to do.

Baja California Adventures

Carnaval Ensenada 2013Carnaval Ensenada

We have the official schedule and a map for the Zones for Carnaval to make Carnaval easier to enjoy.

Baja whale watching tours Baja Whale Watching Tours

Dec. through March a number of places in Baja & providers to help you see whales.

Cedros Islands Fishing

One of the remote places in Baja, it turns back the clock on sport fishing for you.

Hiking Cedros Island Hiking Cedros Island

Whether you are into Flora or Fauna hike this beautiful landscape off the coast.

Kayaking the Colorado River Delta in the Sea of Cortez Kayaking the River Delta

Greg Joder of brings us this photo essay on one of the most remote spots.

Kayaking the SeaKayaking Around the Sea

Greg Joder circumnavigated the Sea of Cortez to bring attention to environmental issues

Golf in Baja

Best Golf in BajaBest Golf in Baja

The Gary Player Signature Golf Course & Club is open at CostaBaja Resort in La Paz

Golf in Baja Golf on the Baja Peninsula

Golf has long been a recreational attraction in Baja. Some great courses here!

Read MoreBaja Driving Adventures

Driving Baja Then and NowDriving Baja Then & Now

Gary Graham has been driving the peninsula for several decades and has seen more than a little change.

Rookie Baja Road Trip

Tthese first time drivers pass on what they learned to make your first time even more enjoyable.

Fuel Prices in MexicoFuel Prices in Mexico

Gasoline and Diesel prices will rise every month this year as Mexico phases out the fuel subsidies.

Baja Sur LoopDriving the Baja Sur Loop

A day trip or a couple of days for an expedition, see more of the REAL Baja California Sur.

Driving Baja California and MexicoDriving in Baja

Mileage charts, driving guides, road trip stories and tips for making your travels in fun.

Baja Road ReportBaja Road Report

When driving Baja look here for the latest report and submit your report when you arrive safe.

Motorcycle BajaMotorcycle Riding to Baja Sur

With more than 9000 miles of highway behind them, these riders bring us a first hand tale.

Whale Watching in Baja

Baja Whale WatchingBaja Whale Watching Season

From late Dec to late March the whales can be seen along Baja. Learn about these mammals.

Whale adventures in Central Baja California on the Pacific Whales in Central Baja

Experience 2000 whales in Ojo de Liebre Lagoon where they are close enough to touch.

Read MoreCruising the Sea of Cortez

Boating in BajaBoating in Baja & The Sea

We have an entire section devoted to boating and cruising in Baja& the Sea of Cortez. .

Crusing the SeaCruising in the Sea of Cortez

Do it now as the age of cruising gives way to recreational boating and commuter cruisers.

Cruising the SeaCruising & Being a Cruiser

Author Stefan Paul Ries takes you inside the cruising life and the friends you meet.