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Business, Shipping and Mailing Services in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

The MBE staff can pack your small to medium sized items as well as construct crates for larger items.

Mail Boces Etc. LogoA familiar storefront for doing business worldwide, Mail Boxes Etc. in Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo offers the same advantages for doing business in Mexico that you have come to enjoy in the States.

The company credo is that "MBE" not only stands for Mail Boxes Etc., but for "Making Business Easier". Los Cabos MBE franchise owner Hector Enriquez and his staff go the extra mile as if to make it "MMBE", Making Mexico Business Easier.

In previous “Doing Business in Mexico” articles, we have referred to Baja California as a three sided island, for the difficulties in obtaining materials and shipping, present to the Baja business person. Well, in the last five years many things have happened, bridging the Baja Business Gap.

Probably the foremost of those changes for those doing business in Baja is the internet. The internet has allowed a wide variety of smaller hotels, restaurants and business in Baja to reach a world wide market. This webzine, actually published in Cabo, on a server in Las Vegas is visited by web surfers from all parts of the world.

Hector Enriquez and the staff of the San Jose del Cabo, Mail Boxes Etc.

The internet has opened the door for US and Canadian business people to move their personal operations to Baja for part or all of the year. The electronic connection to the business world has become easy – it is the physical connection, for documents and goods in and out of Mexico, that presents more of a challenge. This is where a familiar company name, Mail Boxes Etc., can help out.

Packaging and shipping to the US or worldwide is their specialty. With a wide variety of boxes and packaging materials you may pack your cargo yourself or have the MBE staff do it for you. When I visited the San Jose del Cabo store one of the employees was working diligently on constructing a wooden crate, to ship a large piece of artwork purchased on vacation.

Hector informed me this custom crating is a special service he has developed here in Cabo for vacation shoppers.

Click Here to Visit the
Mail Boxes Los Cabos Website

High speed two sided copies now, color copies coming soon.

With convenient locations in San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, Baja business has gotten a little easier.

Hector purchased the existing franchise business in 2001. He has spent the last 4 years refining his stores products and services to better meet the needs of the Los Cabos and international business.

The San Jose del Cabo store (map) is located on the Just past the rotary to the airport on the north side of the Carretera Transpenisular Km31 in Plaza Las Palmas. The Cabo San Lucas store (map) is located a few steps from the stoplight in the center of town in Plaza Bonita near the Marina.

Hector and the staff of the Cabo San Lucas Store

The name sake product is of course, mail box rentals. Your mailbox address is a street address in San Ysidro, California, suitable for DMV, banking and other senders having address requirements. It is also a suitable delivery address for UPS and other package services. Mail is forwarded down in bulk on weekdays and distributed to customer mailboxes in the two stores. You are furnished with a national and international mailing address and Hector’s staff will be happy to check your mail on a phone call. The mailbox service is very reasonable.

The Los Cabos Mailboxes also routes your northbound mail as well. Envelopes and packages are couriered to San Ysidro where they are mailed or shipped with a US carrier. Envelopes mailed to a US address start at $2.50.


The staff is always happy to help with Faxes, collating, binding, lamination and more...

Hector and the staff of the Cabo San Lucas store, located in Plaza Bonita. Convenient for Cruise Ship customers

The Cabo store is very convenient for those shoppers visiting from cruise ships. Cruise ship visitors disembark at the south end of the marina walk way. They can shop hundreds of Cabo tiendas (stores) and street vendors between there and the north end of the marina, where MBE is located in Plaza Bonita. There they can ship all their goodies home, worldwide with familiar companies like USP, DHL, Federal Express, Multi Pack and Estafeta. Because you pay no extra for using these independent companies at Mail Boxes Etc., you may use them as your one-stop shipping center.

High Speed DSL INet in Mac or PC

Of course MBE can link you to the rest of the world electronically too. Internet service on both Macs and PC’s is available with DSL connections for fast reliable service. High speed reliable printers are also available. For those formal documents requiring hardcopy, you can send or receive faxes.

Both offices have a selection of well maintained office equipment available. High speed copiers that enlarge or reduce, collate, punch or staple helps Los Cabos business people create sales flyers or presentations. Other services include binding and laminating. Coming soon Hector tells us, will be affordable color copying as well. The staff will help you with your low or high volume copying needs.

Both stores also offer a variety of office supplies; folders, envelopes, binders and pens just to name a few of the items to stock your office. US postage stamps are available as well.

Hector continues to refine his services and is anxious to meet the special needs of Baja travelers and business people. He is always open to suggestion on how to improve service and invites you to stop by either the San Jose del Cabo or Cabo San Lucas office the next time your in town.

Mail Boces Etc. Logo

There are 2 Mail Boxes Etc.
locations in the Los Cabos Area:


San Jose del Cabo (Map)

Plaza Las Palmas Local 15
Carretera Transpenisular Km31
San Jose del Cabo, B.C.S. Mexico 23400
Tel: 011-52-624-142-4355 or 142-6075
FAX 011-52-624-142-4360

Cabo San Lucas (Map)

Blvd. de la Marina No. 17
Plaza Bonita L-44
Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico 23410
Tel: 011-52-624-143-3032
FAX: 011-52-624-143-3031