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Dining in Baja& Baja Style Mexican Food Recipes

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Mexican Recipes with the Baja Flavor

Tomatillo SalsaRecipe: Roasted Tomatillo Salsa

Roasted Tomatillo Salsa, Chilequiles Vallarta and Margarita Pie are on the menu from excerpts from Ann Hazards cookbook

Breakfast RellenosRecipe: Tropical Breakfast Rellenos

A delicious way to start the day Baja style with another offering from Ann Hazards book Cooking with Baja Magic Dos.

Recipe for Chilequiles VallartaRecipe: Chilequiles Vallarta

A breakfast regular in Mexico Ann Hazard brings us this version from Cooking with Baja Magic Dos.

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Margarita PieRecipe: Margarita Pie Dessert

A yummy way to finish any Mexican food meal from Ann Hazard's Cooking with Baja Magic Dos


PAsta in White SaucePasta in White Sauce

Well, it is not very Mexican, but Chef Lei of Caffé Milano in La Paz provides us this tasty recipe.


Tequila Drink agave SunetTequila Drink Recipe - Agave Sunset

Author Ann Hazard brings us this refreshing tequila during that is the predecessor to the Tequila Sunrise.

coconut stuffed limes'Recipe: Coconut filled Limes

From the pages of Cooking with Baja Magic Dos ann Hazard brings us another delicious dessert item from Baja.

coconut shrimpRecipe: Coconut Shrimp Baja Style.

Sea food is always a favorite in Baja and this recipe for Coconut shrimp will knock your socks off.

Salsa HabaneroRecipe: Mayan Salsa Habanero

If you are looking to spice up the kitchen, this salsa will put flame back in your step! From Ann Hazard and Baja Magic Dos

Knowing your tequilaWhat to know about Tequila

Mexico's trademark alcolhol is more than shooters and lime chasers. Know a good tequila from bad.

Cabo Golden Zone Welcome to the Golden Zone

Located marina-side in Cabo, it is an arcade of fine restaurants, shops & Tequila museum

Restaurant La PazFine Dining in at Azul Marino

The family venture brought a would renown chef back to Mexico to this culinary delight.

Read MoreMexican Recipes with Baja Flavor

Mexican Recipe: Shrimp & Smoked Marlin Ravioli Recipe: Shrimp & Smoked Marlin Ravioli

From the kitchens of the Hotel California in Todos Santos & Ann Hazard's Cooking with Baja Magic Dos

Recipe for Crab Salad Loreto StyleRecipe: Crab Salad Loreto Style

Another excerpt from Ann Hazard's Cooking with Baja Magic Dos is a great addition to any warm day meal.

Corn breadRecipe: Jalapeno Cornbread

Enjoy some Jalapeño Cornbread or Crab Salad Loreto from Ann Hazard & Cooking with Baja Magic Dos

World Famous NachosRecipe: World Famous Nachos

From Ann Hazards recipes check out this tasty treat from Baja California Sur's East Cape


Carnitas Baja StyleRecipe: Carnitas Baja Style

From Ann Hazards Cooking with Baja Magic Dos, this delight for Carnitas lovers with a healthy twist.

Citrus CevishiRecipe: Citrus Cevishi Baja Style

Chef Clark Waters brings us this summer tantalizer of cool and refreshing citrus cevishi direct from La Paz.

Hibiscis Tea RecipeRecipe: Hibiscus Flower Drink

From Cooking with Baja Magic Dos, Ann Hazard cools down the heat with this refreshing authentic Baja beverage.