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Baja Road Report
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Baja Road Report
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Baja Travel Information

Read moreDriving in Baja

Rookie Baja Road Trip

Tthese first time drivers pass on what they learned to make your first time even more enjoyable.

Driving Baja California and MexicoDriving in Baja

Mileage charts, driving guides, road trip stories and tips for making your travels in fun.

Vagabunbdos Club News

This long standing travel club's invitation to join for security and savings on your Baja adventure.

Fuel Prices in MexicoFuel Prices in Mexico

Gasoline and Diesel prices will rise every month this year as Mexico phases out the fuel subsidies.

Insurance for your Lifestyle

International Medical insurance as well as policies for your RV, boat, car or motorcycle.

Driving Baja Then and NowDriving Baja Then & Now

Gary Graham has been driving the peninsula for several decades and has seen more than a little change.

Summer Travel in Baja

If you need to thaw your bones, go sport fishing, swim, scuba or snorkel the season is at hand.

Road Report for Baja California's highway 1Baja Road Report

For the length of Hwy 1 & detailed reports on the 4 lane from La Paz and Cabo.

Bad Cop - No Donut

We take a look at why it is happening and what you can do to minimize your exposure..

Military Check PointMilitary Checkpoints in Mexico

The next curve could reveal a military checkpoint. Here is how you handle it correctly.

Travel & Trip Insurance

Surfing in Baja

Surf forecasting for Baja California Surf Forecasting in Baja

Surfer and Baja here are tips on Baja surf and the resources to know when it's time to board.

Read moreUnderwater Adventures

Swimming with Sealions Swimming with Sea Lions

Take an adventure trip to the rock known as Los Islotes and swim with the sea lions.

Swim with the Whale Sharks

Take a day trip with Fun Baja and swim with these gentle giants if you dare!

Shark Diving Baja Shark Diving in Baja California

Looking for something to get your adrenaline pumping? Get nose to nose with a great white.

Diving Sea of Cortez Best Diving of My Life

Visibility may reach as much as 100' in what Cousteau call "The aquarium to the world".

Read moreAccommodations & Dining in Baja

Accommodations BajaAccommodations in Baja

Hotels, resorts, villas and more, an entire section with listings to values in places to stay..

Affordable 5 Star Hotel

One the Sea of Cortez in the quiet city of La Paz has come the first 5 Star resort in the city. Come explore.

The Hacienda Encantada in Los Cabos The Hacienda Encantada

Hacienda Encantada is one of our reader's favorites. Take an inside look at the resort.

Cabo Golden Zone Welcome to the Golden Zone

Located marina-side in Cabo, it is an arcade of fine restaurants, shops & Tequila museum

Marina Fiesta Hotel Los Cabos The Marina Fiesta Resort

Located just off the marina in Cabo San Lucas enjoy facilities for the most discerning tastes

Hyatt Place comes to La PazHyatt Coming to La Paz

A 151 Room Hyatt Place hotel is under construction with in the CostaBaja resort complex.

Dining Guide to BajaDining & Restaurants in Baja

We are constantly adding to our Restaurant Guide. Dining in Baja offers great diversity.

Read moreGeneral Baja Travel Information

Emergency Numbers for Baja Emergency Phone Numbers

A list of important numbers for those who live and travel in Baja.


Guide to Los Cabos AirportGuide to the Los Cabos Airport

No longer the little palapa on the side of the runway. SJD is the busiest airport in Baja.

Fall Travel Tips for BajaFall Travel Tips for Baja

With our wonderful late fall weather come some great tips for things and places to do.

Best time of Year to Visit BajaBest Time in Baja Sur

In late fall our deserts are green and the heat is gone. We extend our personal invitation.

Beaches of Baja SurPacific Beaches of Baja Sur

The Pacific beaches are beautiful, but not every beach is for everyone.


Baja Ferry Taking the Baja Ferry

Taking the ferry & traveling the toll roads of the mainland is one way to get home to La Paz.

Passport Requirements for travel to Mexico Required for Travel to Mexico

Docs required to enter and leave Mx. Traveling as a single parent with a minor child?

Lost Stolen passportReplacing a Lost Passport

When your passport disappears it doesn't mean the end of your vacation.

General Travel Information

Baja Hurricane OutlookBaja Hurricane Outlook

What to expect if this continues to be a 'non-year' or 'El Noño' and what that non-word means.

More Flights to Baja SurMore Flights to Loreto and La Paz

Aeromexico flights to La Paz beginning in June & Mexico City to Loreto this summer.

New Immigration Law 2012

Mexico revised its immigration law effecting Tourist Card travelers & FM minimum income requirements.

Baja MapMaps of Baja California

Here are the maps that will let you place the major towns and cities of Baja.

About Baja PlacesAbout Baja Places

Broken down into Baja California and Baja Sur places lots of info on cities & regions.

US Embassy Information for Baja California & Baja California Sur US Consulate and Embassy

Addresses and phone numbers for the US Embassy in TJ & for the US Consulate in Cabo.

Mexico Travel WarningMexico Travel Warning

Read this article and learn the facts about travel in Baja verses the headlines.

Invitation to BajaAn Invitation from Baja Sur

Spring is high season for Baja Sur tourism for throngs of escaping snowbirds.

Visit Los Cabos in Summer

Los Cabos is the main tourist attraction in Baja because there is something for everyone.

Flying the length of BajaSeeing Baja from the Sky

James Glover takes you on a flight over Baja. See some spectacular shots from the air.

Advetures & Ground Transportation in Cabo San LucasAdventures & Transportation

In Cabo TransCabo not only offers airport transportation but a variety of land tours too.

Kayaking the Sea of Cortez near LoretoRudderless Bliss - Kayaking

Ingrid Hart writes of her trip in Loreto Bay National Park in the Sea of Cortez


Kayak for fishing the Sea of Cortez The Kayak for Fishing

Gary Graham was impressed with the new Hobie Mirage fishing kayak. Read his review and order one for yourself.

Dolphins in  BajaWelcome to Magotia!

A favorite anchorage for more than 150 years, the Magote in the Ensenada de La Paz.

Documents for Mexico Documents Needed in Mexico

A run down the documents you will need in Mexico for official business and immigration.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony Baja A Mezzo-American Adventure

The sweat lodge is a rite of purification in many native American cultures.


Baja California Screen Saver

Presenting the first Baja Is for Everyone FREE Screen Saver. Beautiful images Baja.

Cabo San Lucas informationCabo Travel Information

Including places to stay, things to do and general information about Los Cabos in general.

Baja MapMaps of Baja California

Here are the maps that will let you place the major towns and cities of Baja.

Calling Long Distance from Mexico

Things have changed in Baja. No longer isolated email and the internet have made it easier to stay in touch.

Calling from MexicoDialing To and From Mexico

Here is how to successfully complete your phone call to and from Mexico.


Read moreAdventures in Baja

Best Golf in BajaBest Golf in Baja

The Gary Player Signature Golf Course & Club is open at CostaBaja Resort in La Paz

Baja whale watching tours Baja Whale Watching Season

December through March a number of places and providers to help you see whales.

Cabo Adventures and activitiesBaja Adventures & Activities

From parasailing in Cabo to diving in La Paz we can help you find the fun you need.

Full Moon Sailing Full Moon Sailing the Sea

Full moon sailing on the Sea can be an illuminating journey & the best winds.

Horseback Riding in BajaHorseback in Baja

Take a equestrian journey back in time into the rugged mountains of Baja Sur.

Boating in BajaBoating in Baja & The Sea

We have an entire section devoted to boating and cruising in Baja& the Sea of Cortez.

sailing the Sea of CortezExploring the Sea - Pt 1

Explore onboard the Defiant in a 4 part series beginning with the Bay of La Paz.

Baja Whale WatchingBaja Whale Watching Season

From late Dec to late March the whales can be seen along Baja. Learn about these mammals.

Whale adventures in Central Baja California on the Pacific Whales in Central Baja

Experience 2000 whales in Ojo de Liebre Lagoon where they are close enough to touch.