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Garden in the Sea – A Habitat for Sea life & Dive Site in the Sea of Cortez

Garden in the SeaUnderwater art, decorated by nature provides an artificial reef and a way to help rebuild the environment of the Sea of Cortez. A movie has been made about the artist, the project and the construction of this unique undertaking.

A unique experiment in combining art and environmental conservation is taking place in the Bay of La Paz. Garden in the Sea is a submerged sculpture by Spanish artist Christina Iglesias that will be decorated by nature as an artificial reef.

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Located just an hour boat trip from CostaBaja, the underwater sculpture and film about the project were inspired by Manuel Arango and funded by the Manuel Arango Foundation and the Mexican Foundation for Environmental Education.  Manuel Arango is a major share holder in the CostaBaja Resort project.

installing panelsThe Garden in the Sea is located in Candeleros Bay on Espiritu Santos, one of the protected islands of the national park and UNESCO Heritage Site. The project, begun in 2007 is beginning to take shape underwater as nature decorates the artwork created by Christina Iglesias. The garden is a series of named panels, in groups that provide both an artistic layout and maximize the underwater habitat.

A film about the project is called "Garden in the Sea" by German film maker Underwater panelsThomas Riedelsheimer documents the development of the artwork itself and provides a beautiful window onto the region as a whole. Visit the websites at and for more information about the project and a film trailer.

To preserve the artwork it is important the boaters in the region are aware of the location in the Ensenada Grande at position 24 Deg 30´18" N 110 Deg 23´25" Diver with panelsW. Vessels should anchor well clear of this position.

Divers are welcome to visit the site and enjoy the amazing environment of the Sea of Cortez, but look, don't touch. For the preservation and natural assimilation of the artwork it is important that scuba visitors respect the site. END

Thanks to gabriel Ley of Marina CostaBaja for bringing this story to our attention.