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Stuck in Loreto a Baja Mexico Paradise

Loreto TowerForced to stay in Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico as I had a little incident while flying back to California in my plane; leaving me stuck in a Baja paradise for a few days. Loreto was where the first of the Jesuit priest from Spain built a successful mission founding Loreto in 1697 and eventually was the original capital of the “Las Californias”. While I was stranded in paradise I really enjoyed the laid back community of Loreto which I have visited many times over the years but only for a night or two. Loreto has changed over the years as it really began to boom in real estate sales, new developments and tourist before the economic crisis. While it has slowed in development it still is a very attractive place to travel to, retire, fish, and sail, off road tours, kayak and dive. Loreto has so much to offer with such a great diversity of lifestyles from beach camping to luxury golf resort life.

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Loreto has a great variety of accommodations from lower end hotels, private homes, condos, and casitas for rent as well as some real luxury resorts. There are many great places to see as well as activities in Loreto with many outfitters available at very reasonable cost for fishing, diving, kayaking, and golf as well as enjoy the great beaches. Real estate prices have dropped with the economy so it is definitely a buyer’s market at this time.

Loreto PaseoLoreto has been a fishing, sailing and general boater’s paradise for many years with Puerto Escondido a few miles to the south being one of the more famous hurricane holes for the sail and power boat cruisers that want to be safe while enjoying the Sea of Cortez during the summer months. Nopolo where the Loreto airport is located to the south of as well as Ligui just south of Puerto Escondido are other areas to visit while fishing or beachcombing.

If you like you may do an off or rough road tour on your own or with one of the tour companies to go visit the painted caves nearby, the mission San Javier (founded in 1699), or just visit the Sierrra Giganta mountains and oasis’s. La Giganta range is the backdrop to this Sea of Cortez village that also has a beautiful Malekon (boardwalk) looking out to the nearby islands; isla Coronado to the north, isla Carmen and isla Danzante to the south. Loreto has also a very nice plaza nearby the larger Loreto Church finished by Padre Jaime Bravo in 1744 with wonderful streets to stroll with a great variety of Cafes and restaurants to enjoy.

Loreto from the airThere is so much history in this area it will take many pages to really give you an idea of the original Indian habitants of the Pericu (mostly in the south Los Cabos area) and Guaycura and Cochimi (more commonly to the north to U.S. Border) tribes of Baja, making a mix of Indians that populated the area before the Spanish came to modernize the area. The Spaniards and Jesuits had many problems and unfortunately brought sickness to the locals that had no immunity to these European diseases which eventually wiped out the very people they came to save by bringing Christianity.

One difficulty still today with Loreto is also a wonderful advantage for those that appreciate the smaller and more tranquil life; that is in the difficulty in getting to Loreto, there are not as many flights into the Loreto international airport at this time, making it just a little more challenging to get there for short trips. This is actually is considered a good thing by many people that live there most of the year however it does make it difficult for the tourism businesses unless people don’t mind the inconvenience and enjoy the isolation.

Loreto BoardwalkI plan on returning there soon not just to pick up my plane but to regularly visit and explore this Baja paradise. As I do I hope to write more on the history and activities as this is truly one of the most wonderful areas in Baja Sur on the Sea of Cortez.

For now feel free to email me with any questions you may have concerning real estate accommodations, activities and I’ll try and assist you as best I can.

Buen Viaje, James (Jimi or Jaime)