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Vagabundos del Mar - A Travel Club for Baja Travelers & More...

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Vagabundos travel club

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RVing in Baja California, MexicoTouring Baja in the comfort of your own RV rig. Baja Adventure tours provided by Vagabundos Travel can be a great wayfor newcomers as well as seasoned travelers to caravan Baja. Adventure Tours are one way and round trip for RV’ers to whale watching and all areas south to Cabo San Lucas.

New to RVing or traveling in Baja?

Vagabundos del Mar newcomers – as well as seasoned BEach Partytravelers – can enjoy all that the Baja Peninsula has to offer while traveling with folks of similar interests in limited size groups, all under the watchful eyes of trained, knowledgeable Wagon Masters.  Vagabundos, experts in Baja travel for nearly 50 years, has proven that keeping caravans to groups of 10 to 15 rigs provides the best experience.

There to guide and offer helpful hints for traveling in an RV in Baja and beyond, our Wagon Masters organize the events, make RV park reservations, arrange local tours and special activities, and even recommend the best food stops for sampling the local cuisine along the way.

Diner with friendsVagabundo Mexico Adventure Tours are designed to give people a guided introduction to safe, comfortable and enjoyable tBecome a Vagabundos del Mar Memeberravel in that marvelous country with other newcomers as well as with experienced Vag members who have traveled the highways of Baja often. Everything is well-organized and planned before the departure.

Baja Direct Caravan - Los Cabos and return January, 2014

This caravan introduces first-time Baja RVers to an economical way to experience Baja’s warmth and hospitality.  Escape the winter and head down Baja 1 with well-experienced Baja leaders who know the ropes for making Baja travel as easy as driving to the local supermarket. The price is so low that anyone can easily afford it. Vagabundos offers low-cost Mexican vehicle insurance for your rig.

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Travelers will meet close to the U.S./Mexican border and cross into Baja for an easy trip to Cabo San Lucas, driving no faster than 50 mph.  Covering between 170 and 250 miles a day and driving between 4- and 7-daylight hours, our overnight stops will be in San Quintin, Guerrero Negro, Concepcion Bay, Ciudad Constitucion and Cabo San Lucas. You are free to drop out along the way or return with the Wagon Masters. The cost is only $650 per rig, regardless of the number of people. Non-members will receive membership free.

Whale Tail in BajaBaja Beaches and Whales - February 12 - March 11, 2014 roundtrip

Vagabundos will introduce you to the experience of gray whale watching in Scammons Lagoon and out of Lopez Mateos during the height of the season as you travel down to Cabo San Lucas in an RV or passenger car. Some nights will be spent camping on Baja’s best beach campgrounds. Both of these gray whale wintering areas have developed “friendly” mothers who enjoy being stroked and bring their calves right up to the boats. In Loreto, we will search for blue whales and several other species. In La Paz, we’ll seek out the magnificent whale sharks. Non-members will receive membership free. The fee per rig with two people will be determined.

gray Whales in bajaAt the end of your Adventure Tour, you will have made friends with warm, hospitable people, seen magnificent sights, enjoyed marvelous beaches, and learned a lot about traveling in Mexico. You will know that you can now do it alone, safely, form your own travel group, or take other Vagabundos Adventure Tours.

For more information, visit For reservations call Vag HQ at (800) 474-2252. Pay with Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card or personal check on a U.S. dollar account. Vagabundos is a non-profit Membership Organization with tour fees less than commercial rates. Call Fred or Gloria Jones at (530) 823-7228 for information.

If you have any questions, please call the office at (800) 474-2252, or email

For travel information or to travel down in a group or find a buddy on the road, call   ( or click here for phone contact information

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