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Baja Road Report
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Featured Baja Real Estate Stories

Real Estate Information for the Baja Californias and Mexico

Read more...CostaBaja Resort & Marina

Best Golf in BajaBest Golf in Baja

The Gary Player Signature Golf Course & Club is open at CostaBaja Resort in La Paz

Gary Player at CostaBajaCostaBaja Resort & Marina

The VistaMar and Las Colinas communities are complete. Come discover CostaBaja.

Read more...Building in Baja

Building with Insualted Concrete Forms Insulated Concrete Forms

Far more energy efficient than traditional block wall construction, Insulated Concrete Forms.

Living Green in Baja

A survey of what North Americans want in Mexico when it comes to green living.

Envirnmental studies Studies for Development

Development of coastal properties requires environmental impact studies.

Building in Baja Building in Baja Series

Building can be challenging .A section on the thrills & chills of building in Baja.

Read more...Real Estate Legal

Defining the Coastal Zone

Mexico's beaches are open to all. It will help you define where your coastal property ends.

Taxes in Mexico Tax Liability on Rental Income

Our Legal contributor, brings us this up to date on the Foreign Account Tax Compliance

Mexico Legal US Notaries vs; Notarios

Insight into the differences between the two which sound the same but are different.

Business TermsBusiness Terms in Mexico

The translation is difficult enough. Words germain to business can be critical.

Closing Deals in Mexico

Protecting your interests before the contract is signed is always the best medicine.

Owning Coastal PropertyOwning Coastal Property

If you own or lease coastal property in Mexico you are required to provide right of way.

House for Rent MexicoCollecting Rent in Mexico?

The ramifications of not being properly set up to collect rent & Hacienda, is cracking down

Foriegn Investment Mexico Foreign Investment in Mexico

Looking at the best strategy for a successful investment in Baja and title insurance.


General Information

Real Estate baja CaliforniaReal Estate - Baja California

As the market returns, review Baja California regions for the lifestyles and real estate options available.

Baja Sur Real Estate ReviewReal Estate - Baja California Sur

Exploring the different regions of Baja California Sur for real estate markets and lifestyles available.

Mexico's Growing EconomyReasons to Invest in Mexico

Growing faster then the US, Mexico is poised to become one of the ten world leading economies.

Paraisodelmar revokedPermits Revoked for Paraiso del Mar

The multi-billion dollar development had their environmental waivers revoked for overstepping their scope.

Renting Your Property

Lots of people are investing in Baja real estate with the prospect of renting their property

Insurance for Homeowners

MexPro Insurance offers plans for you at an affordable price. Don't be caught without in Hurricane Season!

Your Tax Liability in Mexico

Do you earn money in Mexico? It is likely you have a debt with "Hacienda" or Mexico's IRS.

Economic Future of Mexico

Despite the headlines in the States, Mexico's economy is showing great promise.

Title Insurance in Mexico

This could be an essential part of your Mexico real estate transaction..


Incesting in Baja California real Estate Investing in Baja

As the economy begins to rebound more people are looking to invest in Baja.

Decade in La Paz A Decade in La Paz Pt 1

A look what life is like in Baja Sur and what has changed in the last 10 years.


Medical Services and Immigration in BajaA Decade in La Paz Pt 2

A look at Baja health care, health insurance & immigration issues for North Americans.or a region before you invest.

Envirnmental studies Environmental Studies for Development

Certain purposes requires environmental impact studies.

Solar Living in Baja Solar Living in Baja

If you have solar, maintaining your batteries can be a huge benefit!


Dream Home Mexico Purchasing Your Dream Home

Real estate expert Linda Neil has 11 rules for buying your dream home in Mexico.

Assisted Living in Mexico Assisted & Active Living

With Baby Boomers reaching retirement age Mexico has become a haven to retire.

La Paz Real Estate Real Estate in La Paz

Assessing this bedroom community, with condos and homes as well as ranchos.

Mayan Temples in BajaThe Secret of the Mayans

Rev. Capt. Prof. Leon Del Sol believes he has solved the what happened to the civilization.

Legal Terms in MexicoWhat is Derecho de Tanto?

An authoritative article. This little term is of great importance in the legal system here.

Condo LifeCondo Life in Mexico

What to expect when buying a condominium in Mexico. Some aspects differ from the US.

Read more...About Real Estate Taxes in Mexico

Your Tax Obligations in Mexico

Whether a property owner or just the occasional visitor some taxes are hidden and others not.

Capital Gains in Mexico Capital Gains Tax in Mexico

Our legal contributor provides us this on defining article on capital gains in Mexico.

Foriegn Ownership of PropertyProperty & Incomes Taxes

Compares and contrasts Mexican laws & the tax laws you may be familiar with in the US.

Buying Ejido LandPitfalls of Buying Ejido Land

Problems from buying land that was Ejido Land. There are solutions to the problems.

Apostile Documents The Apostille – Legal Docs

A function of the Notario in Mexico is to make documents official and legal.


Catastral Manifestation Catastral Manifestation

Is the price stated in your Trust is the price that you paid for your Property? Don't get burned.

Owning Coastal PropertiesOwning Coastal Property

Can foreigners own coastal property? There are safe ways to insure your investment.