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The Green Option in Baja Home Construction

Contact Info for Estrella del Norte

Estrella del Norte Construction

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Logix Green Home in Baja
A recent survey of North American Retirees in Mexico indicated 2/3's looked for 'green' options when making the move to Mexico. Novidesa Insulated Concrete Form homes from Estrella del Norte provide that green option and significant energy savings down the road.

Building your Novidesa insulated concrete form home from Estrella del Norte in Baja California Sur is the right idea at the right time. Insulated concrete form homes are more energy efficient and will save the home owner money. Additionally, the Novidesa construction process itself builds you a greener home from the ground up.

Inside Outside wall temperature
Inside wall temp vs: Outside wall temp, no A/C

According to a recent survey of retirees living in Mexico living ‘green’ and the environment was a major concern to folks moving to Mexico. Since nearly 60% of US citizens living in Mexico live on the Baja peninsula, this survey is particularly pertinent to you, our readers.

The survey covered many points, including health care, locations, access to travel, civic involvement, real estate demands and more. In nearly every category of importance to US retirees are met by the construction of an energy efficient concrete form home in Baja California Sur.

Baja California Sur offers security, as one of the safest states in Mexico. The state has some of the finest healthcare available in new hospitals in La Paz and Cabo. Air travel times to nearly anywhere in the US is less than 8hrs. The recreational opportunities associated with the region and the Sea of Cortez are boundless. Most importantly Estrella del Norte now offers you a building options that will both save you money and help you to live green.

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Single family homes were the top choice of retirees in Mexico, over condos and attached homes. Two thirds of the surveys respondents had green and energy efficient options in mind when selecting a home in Mexico. With an eye toward future market value it makes sense to build now what will appreciate the most in value in the future.

Estrella del Norte is now offering three lots, a pleasant jaunt just north of La Paz in the pueblo of Centenario. The three lots are for sale individually or as one. Right now Estrella del Norte is offering a home construction package that will help you start living the Baja Retirement Dream with a turn-key home.

Building Green in BajaThese three lots are each approximately 1500m2. Water rights are included and electricity is located on the street behind these lots for an affordable connection. These are prime lots purchased early in the developmental phase.

The two upper lots are offered at $44,900USD and the lower lot at $42,900USD. If you are looking for a turn-key new home in greater La Paz Estrella del Norte will provide even greater discounts on the property when constructing a beautiful, green and energy efficient Novidesa home on any one of these three lots.

Novidesa Insulated Concrete Form construction will work with nearly any home plan can be used but to minimize waste and save on costs some minor adjustment of dimensions may be necessary. Estrella del Norte also offers home plans specifically designed for the form construction process.

The Novidesa System

Logix Block

This is a typical Novidesa Insulated concrete form. These 4' long interlocking are stacked like a Lego block to form the structure of your home. Rebar is then tied to the supports inside the block. The foam blocks are then secured on the outside and concrete poured into the space in between. Plumbing and electrical are then installed with a hot knife. A wide variety of finishes are available for the interior and exterior walls.

As an insulated home the energy savings quickly become obvious. Novidesa homes have a R insulation factor 25 times greater insulation value than concrete block owner Kelly Hoogers tells us the now using the domesticly manufactured Novidesa block system a highly energy efficient home costs about the same as a block constructed home and begins saving you money the day you move in!

Novidesa Foam Black ConstructionSince most North Americans use air conditioning during our hot summer months proper insulation of your home is also important in protecting your fixed retirement income. With the rising price of oil worldwide energy costs are sure to continue to rise. The better weather resistant your home, the more stable and affordable your energy costs will be.

Insulated concrete form homes are not new, although it is a new building option now available in Baja. The green aspect of the product goes straight to the core, even the materials that make up the product move your home in an environmentally conscious direction. Much like building a home from Lego blocks, the snap-together concrete forms are made with significant portions of recycled materials. Once the building is laid out 4” to 6” of concrete are poured into the space between where the rebar has been laid. Because there is virtually no waste from the process post construction clean up is measured in bags of waste rather than truckloads.

The Estrella del Norte construction process is faster than traditional construction methods, uses a smaller construction crew and since the blocks preformed and only cut with a hot knife construction can continue while your neighbors sleep.

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With all these advantages to an Estrella del Norte/Novidesa Insulated concrete form home it would be remiss of me not to mention the finish quality of your home. With their own onsite shop and the high quality demands of Canadian owner Kelly Hoogers I was most impressed with the detail, design and work done by the Estrella del Norte crew.

Of course a survey only tells what the trends are and what homes will be in highest demand. Your needs are sure to vary and to this end Kelly Hoogers invites you to discuss your retirement home in beautiful Baja California Sur. Estrella del Norte looks forward to helping you build your dream in Baja. Click here to request more information by email


Summer Sale Special

ICF Foam Block sale
Summer Sale on Novidesa Insulated Building Products

                  Estrella del Norte

                          ICF Straight Forms  136.40 Pesos per block
ICF Corner Forms 108.50 Pesos per block
Prices do not include tax or shipping to order or to request spec sheets
Office 124 8540                                                Cell 612 158 9854

Logix Insulated Concrete Form Home in Baja