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Energy Efficient Home Building in Baja with Insulated Concrete Forms

Contact Info for Estrella del Norte

Estrella del Norte Construction

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Model ICF Home
Estrella del Norte Construcciones builds quality homes in Baja California Sur. Using Novidesa insulated concrete forms, these ‘green’ and energy efficient homes are simple to construct and perfectly suited for building in the Baja environment.
What is an Insulated Concrete Form Home?

Insulated forms are foam building blocks, not unlike the child's toy. The exterior foam provides the shape and insulating characteristics while inside, a framework of structural supports become the reinforcement when the concrete is poured into the prepared structure.

ICF Consctruction blockICF construction is simple, using this building block method. Entire sections of the home are built connecting the individual blocks, then the center section is filled with concrete. This provides the Baja durability of concrete construction with a integral layer of insulating foam inside and out on the ready to finish wall. A wide variety of interior and exterior finishes can then be applied for the desired aesthetic appeal.

ICF construction can be adapted to suit nearly any home design, although minor dimensional adjustments may be needed to minimize waste.

Benefits for retirees:

- Costs: When on a retirement fixed income ICF homes dramatically reduce the dependency on air conditioning. Rising electric costs will take an increasingly large bite from your wallet in an un-insulated block home.

Inside Outside wall temperature
Inside wall temp vs: Outside wall temp, no A/C

- Comfort: ICF homes stay between 21-30C/70-86F year round without air conditioning. Concrete block homes will drop to 59F/15C during the winter months in Baja. It makes it very uncomfortable to shower in the morning. year round retirees will take advantage on the comfort levels in both winter and summer. Concrete block homes are hot in the summer and cold in the winter

- Security: concrete block homes are easy to break into. All you have to do is take a hammer to knock a hole through the brittle block by the door. ICF homes are contiguous reinforced poured walls, to which a hammer poses little threat.

- Strength: we are in a hurricane zone. No building is stronger than a reinforced poured concrete home.

- ICF homes are sound rated. Very quiet for those that have trouble sleeping in busy neighborhoods.

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Smoking Power PlantBenefits to the environment

- Trying to air condition a concrete block home is like trying to air condition with the doors open. It’s a waste of resources. My electrical bill last summer was 1/10th of my neighbors bill and their house is 200 sq/ft smaller!

- People don’t like the brown smoke from the power plants. Don’t contribute to it by wasting energy. ICF homes are as much as 20x the

- Using insulation in the walls and roofing to make the home more efficient makes it possible to take advantage of solar power systems. Requirements are less. air condition sizing is half of what is normal, reducing the demand on your solar or wind system.

- With minor adjustments to room dimensions, we can greatly minimize waste. Less material to the land fill.

ICF Home CourtyacrSpeed and efficiency of construction:

- Building times are less. Structural build times are less than half using concrete block

- It is easier to install plumbing and electrical. Preplanned penetrations through walls saves time. Easier to cut Polystyrene than to chip and break concrete block.

- ICF construction is only slightly more expensive than traditional block construction, Heating and cooling savings with Insulated Concrete Forms can pay off the difference in a few of Baja's harsh seasons.

Your ICF home is safer

New Home For Sale in Centenario

House for sale La Paz
READY TO MOVE IN! – 1800 s/f home. ICF construction. R24 walls and R27 roof.

This home will use less than half the energy to A/C. Home interior temperature has never been below 21°C even though exterior temp has fallen to 9°C some nights. ICF walls certified to 300Km/Hr winds


Milgard double pane windows with low E coating
3 terraces, 3 pergolas, roof top terrace and small bodega
Exotic Mexican hardwood cabinets and doors
Granite countertops and marmol showers
Travertine floors
Private entrance and terrace for second suite.
2 1/2 baths
1500M2 Lot ocean view
services pre-wired for audio, satellite, and home entertainment system, wired for roof top terrace TV
Pool and jacuzzi
Large parking area

- Concrete block wall can be penetrated by a 2x4 moving at only 50mph/80kmh. (you tube video: 2 by 4 cannon vs. ICF walls). ICF wall are classified for winds to 186mph/300kph.

- ICF walls are certified by Miami-Dade county as hurricane resistant structures.

- ICF walls are certified by County of Los Angeles as highly earthquake resistant.

- ICF homes will withstand tornados.

- ICF walls are safe room certified.

Social Aspect:

- We train local people how to use new technology.

- The product has generated a lot of interest from young architects and engineers. Encourages innovative thinking/better ways to do things. Creates environmental consciousness among future leaders

- We pay less in social security taxes on the construction of your home because the material is pre-molded and crews are smaller

Your ICF Home holds greater future value

- Homes that are comfortable, safe, energy efficient, and quieter, will have greater value in the future than homes built with 100 year old technology, such as concrete block.

- The building code in Mexico will be changing. FIDE level 3 is coming which will require homes in certain parts of Mexico to be built with insulation.

Building with ICF provides greater flexibility:

- We can build any corner angle, door arch, or make curved walls and even swimming pools with ICF's

- We train you or your contractor to build with the system at no additional charge

- We have equipment to rent to help you build your project.

- We provide technical support through all phases of the job.

Call us at Estrella del Norte to discuss your building in Baja needs today or visit our website for more information.

Completed ICF Home


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