Sunday September 22 2019

Posted by Tomas

Welcome to the new BajaInsider! As we approach our 12th anniversary it was time for a change and to catch up with the latest internet technology. We are really excited to bring this new version of our publication to you and we hope that you will continue to subscribe and contribute your Baja experiences to help make this leading source for Baja information. 

The most important change to our magazine is that ability to format to all devices, from telephones to desktops and everything in between. Our readers will also find our magzine is much more visual, with larger pictures and videos that enhance many more of our articles. 

You may find the BajaInsider a little difficult to navigate, this may be particularly for our long time readers. This is artistry in the works and we hope you will bear with our evolution and we welcome your suggestions. 

This has been a mountainous task to engineer and design the new format, refresh and move more than 900 stories. As our tasks are not yet complete, you will see many new old stories return to our pages are we get settled into our new online digs.





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