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Baja Road Report
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Baja Road Report
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Baja Environment and Environmental Issues

Paraisodelmar revokedPermits Revoked for Paraiso del Mar

The multi-billion dollar development had their environmental waivers revoked for overstepping their scope.

Abalone Farming in BajaAbalone Farming in Baja

Baja fishermen are employing modern techniques to improve the harvest & environment.

Whale Rescue Baja Dwarf Sperm Whale Rescue

Cruisers and local whale rescue specialists save this mother whale and her calf from certain death.

Whale Shark Whale Shark Encounters

The largest fish in the ocean can be seen late fall to late spring in the Bay of La Paz.

Kayaking the Colorado River Delta in the Sea of Cortez Kayaking the River Delta

Greg Joder of brings us this photo essay on one of the most remote spots.

Kayaking the SeaKayaking Around the Sea

Greg Joder circumnavigated the Sea of Cortez to bring attention to environmental issues

Cedros Outdoor AdventuresCedros Outdoor Adventures

Once covered in cedar trees, COA aims for sustainable tourism on the island.

Envirnmental studies Environmental Studies for Development

Certain purposes requires environmental impact studies.

Bay of LABiosphere Bahia de los Angeles

Another Baja Eco-Tale with this story of a trip to the bay of LA.


Living Green in Baja

A survey of what North Americans want in Mexico when it comes to green living.

More Living Green on East Cape

Kitzia Howearth brings us another article about the plants species and living green as she has been doing for many years.

What's a Boojum tree?

While a Boojum may sound like a Dr. Seuss character. It is actually a very strange looking plant found almost exclusively in Baja California peninsula.

Whale Watching in Baja

Baja Whale WatchingBaja Whale Watching Season

From late Dec to late March the whales can be seen along Baja. Learn about these mammals.

Whale adventures in Central Baja California on the Pacific Whales in Central Baja

Experience 2000 whales in Ojo de Liebre Lagoon where they are close enough to touch.

Opposition to Vista Gold

A protest caravan went from San Jose del Cabo to La Paz, with events in La Paz too.

Sea Turtle Rescue in Todos Santos Leatherback Turtle Rescue

Todos Santos sands are too cool for the incubation process. Rescuers save the eggs.

Vista Gold Mine in Baja Sur Open Pit Gold Operation Proposed for Baja Sur

Vista Gold has applied for an exception for an open pit mine.

Tacking Hawkbill turtlesTracking Sea Turtles from Space

Grupo Tortuguero has tagged some of the most endangered members of the Sea of Cortez, the Hawkbill Turtle.

Blue Whale ResearchBlue Whale Research

The largest creature know to exist, an interview with leading researcher Dr. Diane Gendro

Saving TurtlesTeacher Saving Sea Turtles

Making a major lifestyle change a San Diego teacher relocated to Baja. Now she is rescuing turtles.

Saving the Brown PelicanThe Baja Brown Pelican

Greg Joder of brings us aa tale of the recovery of the Brown Pelican in the Sea of Cortez.

Fishing Limits MexicoFishing Limits in Mexico

Do you know the legal limits for your catch in Mexican waters? Observe fishing limits.

Sweat Lodge Ceremony Baja A Mezzo-American Adventure

The sweat lodge is a rite of purification in many native American cultures.


Pangueros of The SeaThe Pangueros of the Sea

An Eco-tale of the fishermen in the Sea of Cortez. and how their lives have changed.

Islands World Heritage Sites

The World Heritage Organization named the Sea of Cortez protected Islands to the World Heritage list.

Snapping Shrimp Revealed

The crackling noise you hear isn't fiberglass termites, but rather something usually smaller than a pencil lead.

The Baja Desert Lily

Hesperocallis undulata is one of the many special plats which grace the deserts of Baja. Author Greg Joder fills us in.

Saving Baja California's Sea Turtles

Through education and action Grupo Tortuguero is working to preserve turtles. Can conservation efforts help?

Turning Garbage into Gold

Topsoil that is... A company in La Paz is helping Baja farmers and gardeners turn organic waste into more fertile soil.