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Mexican Holidays and Traditions in Baja

Pimp n Ho Ball Los Cabos Pimp n Ho Ball in Cabo

We have the background of this legendary event coming this fall to Cabo. One of the wildest and sexiest parties in Cabo.

Day of the DeadAbout Day of the Dead in Mexico

Some background about the holiday to celebrate family and ancestors. Not a thing macabre about it...

Day of the Dead in BajaDay of the Dead in Baja

Insider author Linda Neil takes a look at one of the most misunderstood local holidays and what it means in Mexico.

Day of The DeadExcerpt from Miraculous Air

Day of the dead in Cabo San Lucas is this except from C. M. Mayo's book capturing the essence of Baja.

Hildalgo Nov 20 - Día de la Revolución

Celebrating the Revolution of 1917, that brough Mexico the current edition of government.

Dia GuadalupeDec 12 - Dia de Guadalupe

The celebration of the event that bonded Catholic and Mexican traditions.

Chirstmas\A Baja Christmas

Celebrated in unique ways down here. Christmas trees are more common now

Flor del Noche Buena

Known as the Flor de Noche Buena in Mexico you see them everywhere during the holidays.

Jan. 6 - Día de los Reyes

The Day of the Kings, or Twelfth Night celebrates the Gifts of the Magi to the baby Jesus.

Dia de Candleria Feb. 2- Día de la Candelaria

The holiday marks the end of the Christmas season in Mexico. If you got the baby you buy the tomalies.

Zapata Feb. 5- Constitution Day

Background on the revolution, the intrigue, betrayal & heroism that shaped Mexico

Carnaval La PazCarnaval La Paz Slideshow

Carnaval La Paz 2012 is Feb 16 to Feb 21. Parades are Sun-Tues. Don't miss this event.

Dia de BanderaDía de la Bandera

Feb. 24th is Mexican Flag Day learn the history of the Mexican flag and the celebration.

Benito Juarez Birthday March 21Benito Juarez - Birthday

Often hailed as the Abe Lincoln of Mexico and the first Indio president, his day is March 21

Labor Day MexicoMay 1 - Labor Day in Mexico

Pretty much the rest of the working world celebrates Labor Day on May 1


Cinco de Mayo Cinco de Mayo in Mexico

Celebrates the victory against the French and the beginning of Mexican liberation.

La Paz Founder's Days – May 6

The second largest celebration on the La Paz social calendar is Founder's Days.

Semana Santa in Baja

The greatest outdoor activity weekend in the Mexican vacation calendar ends Easter

Mother's Day MexicoMother's Day in Mx – May 10

A revered holiday in Mexico as it is in the US, Mexican Mother's Day is coming up.

Revolution DaySep 16 - What is "El Grito"?

"The Cry" for freedom of more than 200 years ago Sept 15, brought independence.

Day of the DeadNov 1 & 2 Day of the Dead

Since pre-Columbian times it celebrates the connection between the living and dead.