Thursday March 04 2021

AdventureSmith Small Ship Cruises for Baja and Wolrd-Wild
It’s only fitting that when you visit the Sea of Cortez—the body of water that Jacques Cousteau dubbed the aquarium of the world—that you travel by water. There is just so very much to see over a...
AdventureSmith Small Ship Cruises offer a unique level of familiarity with the wonders of Baja.
 Steinbeck and Rickets had six weeks in the Sea of Cortez and spent much of their time exploring, cataloging specimens and taking measurements. Other Baja sailors may have the luxury of spending...
Dolphins bow riding an AdventureSmith smll ship adventure
 AdventureSmith Explorations small ship tours in Baja California provide a style of excursion the larger cruise ships can't. A small ship expedition in Baja provides a more intimate interaction...
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