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The Baja California peninsula is home to more than 600,000 North Americans and is visited annually by millions people from around the world. Tijuana is one of the busiest borders in the world and in 2014 Los Cabos became the #1 tourist destination of Mexico. The BajaInsider provides an effective media outlet for your company to connect with people interested in living or traveling the Baja peninsula or Mexico .

Our pagesEditorial Direction:

The BajaInsider is not just a website, but an electronic magazine with world-wide distribution of authoritative information concerning culture, lifestyles, business, geography, activities and adventures of the Baja California Peninsula.

Our unique mix of informational articles and content advertising entertains, educates and sells. Posting new stories weekly, daily incorporation of social media, road reports, weather forecasts, and a Tropical Watch during hurricane season generates additional traffic and a wide range of top Search Engine results we’ve developed over the last 12 years..

The BajaInsider is created here in Baja, and as such we provide a clear and undistorted view of what living, traveling and doing business in Baja is really all about.



Editorial Content

Since beginning in 2003 we have followed the adage that first hand information is the best, and you will find a large number of our articles have been submitted by our readers. We also encourage our Sponsors to provide their unique perspective (which we publish for free) on living and traveling on the Baja peninsula, along with their advertising message. Our content includes timeless information along with breaking events and current information.

For Traveling:

Adventures & Activities:
Driving Baja
Travel Info

For Living:

Real Estate
Immigration & Law
General Information

For both travelers and residents we provide the Road Reports, Weather Information and Tropical Watch Updates during hurricane season. No other publication, print or online, provides the scope and freshness of content..


Our Circulation

For over 12 years we’ve provided our Sponsors the ability to connect with potential customers beyond the bounds of print media. With more than 115,000 unique visitors per month BajaInsider including social media sites, with a confidence rating by our readers of an astounding 96%, two numbers that any print publication in Baja would dream of attaining. Our readers visit an average of 5 pages each visit, so they may come looking for information on whale sharks and end up purchasing a vacation activity, a business service or real estate from our Sponsors.

Old fashion print publications can provide the number of issues printed or circulated but they never can tell you how many or what pages have been read. The BajaInsider provides our Sponsors with a precise number of how many visitors we enjoy, how many have read their Sponsored page and how many move forward to make contact through phone call email or website.

Email Subscriptions

Our Insider Updates are a potent tool for our Sponsors, putting leaders to their Sponsored information, new stories and tropical weather alerts in the inbox of almost 10,000 subscribers. BajaInsider Updates deliver far better results than a direct email campaign, with more than 80% open rate – That is FOUR TIMES industry standards for travel or lifestyle direct email. Our email list is an active double opt-in list, purged of dead addresses, sent to readers who anxiously await the next edition to arrive. We respect the privacy of our subscribers and do not sell or trade our list as it is only accessible through our Insider Updates to Content Advertising Sponsors.


How it Works

BajaInsider is an informational advertising platform for business seeking to expand their reach those with the special interests of living and traveling Baja. Whether your product is in Baja or would be useful to folks who have an interest in living or traveling in Baja, we can help you to reach them. In many cases the BajaInsider's site weight and ranking can get your message recognized by the search engines faster and rank higher than your own site. A majority of our Sponsors begin receiving results in the first 48hrs and a link from our site to yours can improve your site's search engine ranking.

Content AdvertisingContent Advertising

Our most effective weapon is our Content Advertising which provides you the space and flexibility to tell the whole story of your business, with up to 1000 words, photos and video.  Each Sponsored article contains a direct link to your site, phone listings and an email address. When a potential customer clicks through to your site they are more informed and pre-qualified for you to close the sale, delivering results that a few words in a pay-per-click ad cannot. We encourage our Sponsors to make a soft sell, demonstrating the experience unique to their product or service. This technique draws the reader in to read the entire article so when they clicking through; they are "Fish-on!"

Our Sponsors are encouraged to submit non-advertorial content as well that we publish for free with links to their site that provides an additional way to qualify the Sponsor and educate or entertain potential clients


Content Ads are featured in rotation on our front page and new articles will appear in our BajaInsider Updates at least 3 times in 90 days. Getting results for our Sponsors is our focus, and if it is determine your campaign is not getting the kind of response we hoped for, we can adjust the volume, change content, banners and frequency in the BajaInsider Updates. Something print publications just can't do.

Banner Advertising

Banner advertising is included in Content Advertising packages, and our clients receive about 10,000 ad views per month. Banner advertising is also available separately to Sponsors with a more limited budget or looking to establish branding. Our Content Advertising clients receive 10%-17% of their BajaInsider referred site traffic from banner advertising.

Our BajaInsider Readers

According to our recent readership survey and website statistics we can provide our Sponsors a means to shape their publicity to maximize their advertising budget. Our editorial commitment to accuracy and first hand information has resulted in 96% of our readers rating us as a "highly reliable source of information".



Where BajaInsider Readers Source From

Reader LocationOur read ship is world-wide, the bulk of our site traffic comes from the western United States and from Mexico. These are the people that are most likely to visit Baja and become your customers.

For our Travel and Real Estate Sponsors this allows you to put your product in front of potential customers before they arrive and are swarmed by your competition.

For our Lifestyle Sponsors there is no more cost effective means to reach North Americans living in Baja and Mexico than

Reader TravelLevel of Interest in Baja

More than 75% of our readers are not only good potential customers, but the best kind of customer – one that returns time and again. More than just one time tourists, 75% of our readers spend at least part of the year in Baja.

The BajaInsider is also an effective media for reaching the type of person that is attracted to our publication, those with interests in international travel, environment, adventure and outdoor activities.

BajaInsider Readers are an Economic Force

Reader Age GroupingReader Age Groups

Many Baja lovers discovered the peninsula in their youth, through surfing, fishing and just plain soaking up the tropical weather. But as the Baja peninsula grew up so did those travelers and today they represent a valuable customer demographic for your business.

(Should this be a pie too?)

Reader IncomeReader Income Levels

No longer traveling on a thin dime, their buying power can bring growth to your business. More than 75% of our readers stated to have family income of over $100,000 per year.

Reader interestInsider Readers Lifestyle

Our readership knows Baja, but they may not know about your business. From real estate to furnishings, contractors to durable goods, we can help you can make more people aware of your product or services, usually for less per month than what you might pay for a 5 word Google Ad.

For those marketing real estate, a whopping 44% of our readers would consider purchasing a home or property in Baja. That is about 2000 opportunities a day to make a sale.

Reader TReavel PlanningInsider Readers Plan Ahead

BajaInsider reaches readers while they are planning their vacation. More than 80% of our surveyed readers indicate they make some or all of their travel plans before leaving home. That means street sales and local print publications can only bring you the small faction of travelers that did not plan ahead. Our mobile compatibility makes the use of smart phones while traveling another source for readers. Of those making Air and Hotel reservations an additional 4% make plans to view real state while on vacation..

Reader FrequencyOur Readers Keep Coming Back for More

As any advertising executive will tell you, saturation is the key to success – it is part of the reason why our minimum advertising agreement is 90 days. Statistics show that it takes a series of seven direct emails to gain a customer response. It takes more than 100 banner views to get a click. The vast majority of BajaInsider readers are repeat visitors to the site, we ourselves were surprised to discover in our survey just how many of them visit daily. We highly recommend our Sponsors submit new content on a regular basis to take advantage of the repeat quality of our online audience.

Readers share our content via as well as our social media sites of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, causing much of our content to go viral.

Advertising Programs Through the BajaInsider

Small Banner-Only Campaign:
Site Wide Banner Placement approximately 10,000 ad views per month in the 728x90 size only: $30USD/Mo

Large Banner-Only Campaign:
Site Wide Banner Placement approximately 10,000 ad views per month Including SuperSkyscrapers: $45USD/Mo

Content Advertising Package:
Full site wide Banner rotation of approximately 10,000 adviews per month
Front page rotation for new stories
Placement in the Insider Updates emailed to 10,000 subscribers
Full page placement of your article and appearance in section headers
search engin optimization of your article

Article authoring available on request.

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