Monday October 26 2020

The tranquil blue waters of the Sea of Cortez never seemed more inviting
Springtime is one of the most popular times for North Americans to travel to Baja California Sur. The weather is a welcome respite from the snow and cold of their home towns. Our sunny skies and...
One of the friendly Gray Whales of Baja close enough to touch (Ritchie)
 Gray whale watching season begins in early December and moves along the Pacific coast of the Baja peninsula and ends in early April as the whale return north. In the weeks in the...
Royal Court of Carnaval Mazatlan 1927
Carnaval La Paz seems to many of the residents and long time visitors to be an eternal event to celebrate spring, an institution in the community. But in 2013 we almost saw the end of the annual...
Semana Santa in Mexico
 Semana Santa 2020 officially begins Sunday, April 5th and runs through Saturday, April 11, 2020. Pasqua (Easter) is Sunday, April 12, 2020, This year Semana Santa will not be the biggest travel...
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