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Posted by on October 16, 2003
  • Nude Beaches in Baja
    Nude Beaches in Baja

Are there really any nude beach on the Baja California peninsula, and where are they if they exist? First off it is not really legal to be nude in public in Mexico. In fact the Mexican people don’t consider it really proper for men to go without shirts at restaurants for example (see Insider Notebook). However, as many of us know in the resort towns like Ensenada, La Paz, Cabo, and San Jose del Cabo, things can be a bit more lax as far as enforcing the laws. 

Still we do not recommend people go nude in public. However as many of us also know there are endless remote beaches where there is no public. Baja California is an 800 mile long peninsula. It is like a three sided island with 2,038 miles of coastline, so you can imagine the beaches.

For this reason, those that wish to be free of the usual beachwear can be, if they just go find their own beach. So if you are one of those women that likes to go topless, or one finds even a thong (A Thing About Thongs) just too restricting then just plan to venture out, off the beaten bath and you shall find freedom. This is easily achieved even if you are in one of the larger towns. In Baja you do not have to travel too far, to find yourself (literally) in the remoter areas. If you rental car and drive for less than an hour from any of the major towns you may find yourself at a bay, beach or desert solitude without any public.

Just be sure and keep your clothes, towel or a sarong nearby in case someone does just happen to come along. No matter how remote you may think you are there is always a chance that you are nearby someone’s rancho or home. Many times the open beach with lots of space where you can see anyone coming for a ways is the safest way to layout nude.

Another way to nude sunbath and really get a tan fast, is to head off into the desert. There are many areas with beautiful views, shade (nice to have to take a break) and rock outcroppings to lie around on and sunbathe with the lizards.

Make sure to bring lots of water to drink, as well as to douse yourself with and you can reallyeliminate those tan lines quickly. Spray bottles and sun showers (left in the shade ofcourse) are great for this. Some of these areas are true oasis with running water, small falls and even hot springs. Just ask around the area you are in and many of the locals will point out some of the better swimming holes for the area. 

Another easy way to get away from the crowd is to hire up a boat, panga, sailboat or kayaks and head off to some of the remote islands, inlets or estuaries. (See Cruising the Sea of Cortez or Isla Espirtiu Santos articles)

In most towns, even the smallest, if there are islands nearby there is generally someone ready to rent or taxi you out and leave you alone for a specified time. 

So no worries if you are looking to get away from it all so you can bare it all, the Baja has plenty of space to be left alone in. If you have any questions about specific areas feel free to write and we will try inform you as best as possible as to how and where to really escape el publico.

Have a great time and **Just be smart, stay hydrated and use sun protection at all times***

Viva la morena! Santiago Diego



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