Saturday November 26 2022

A Factura is a legal receipt given for goods and services in Mexico that can be used for business expenses or for deductions in Mexico businesses. The receipts you receive from most vendors are not facturas but “Nota De Remission” (a simple receipt). You must generally ask for and or go to a special office, window (caja) or cashier to receive the... Read more...
The following is a reprint of the synopsis of the International Community Foundation's Survey of retired US citizens living in Mexico. The study sought to find how Americans live in Mexico, their expectations and reasons for living in Mexico. Since nearly 60% of Americans living in Mexico, live on the Baja peninsula this information is... Read more...
October 17 marks the statistical end of the Baja Tropical Cyclone Season, but we can never count on Mother Nature to be aware of the statistics. No named level system has made landfall on the Baja peninsula after October 17, since the NHC began compiling records for the Eastern Pacific in 1948. Although the weather may have cooled across the... Read more...


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