Sunday August 19 2018

The beaches of the Sea of Cortez attract sun worshipers from all over the world
Baja California Sur has a great number of outstanding beaches with a variety of reasons to make a list of the best beaches in Mexico or even the world. A recent poll in USA Today had local experts...
Isla Espiritu Santos from the air looking back over the Bay of La Paz
Once upon a time, long, long before the first footprint appeared on a beach on the Baja California peninsula, in fact, long before there was a beach upon which a footprint could appear, a cataclysm...
Two of the Garden in the Sea art panels shortly after installation, already with new residents
Underwater art, decorated by nature provides an artificial reef and a way to help rebuild the environment of the Sea of Cortez. A movie has been made about the artist, the project and the...
Swimming with Sea Lions at Los Islotes, north of La Paz
It all started out at what had to be the most boring New Year’s Eve party on the Baja Peninsula. A group of friends had decided to spend New Year’s Eve camping on the beach, but due to some...
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