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Posted by BajaInsider.com on November 18, 2015
  • Never too young to surf
    Never too young to surf
  • young beginner surfers
    young beginner surfers
  • Young beginner surfer
    Young beginner surfer
  • Young Surfer Girl
    Young Surfer Girl
  • Surfing a Family Sport
    Surfing a Family Sport
  • Body Boards to Long Boards
    Body Boards to Long Boards
  • Young Surfers
    Young Surfers

Surfing which many people know started in Hawaii many, many years ago and was the sport of Kings. Since the 60's it had become very popular in California and worldwide. While in it's early years surfing was associated mostly with young men that in most cases had little money as they scoured the world for the perfect waves. Surfing in Baja became very popular for all those adventurous souls. They would drive the old roads in search of point breaks of which there are may along the pacific coast of Baja.

Today the sport has become a sport of wealthier people as the young surfers grew up and became gainfully employed or entrepreneurs. This has also caused many of the old surfers who now had families to teach their young to surf. This change in the demographic of the surfers has made surfing much more of a family sport. I have rental property in Los Cerritos, Baja Sur which is a popular surfing spot for beginners. Having not only one the safest beaches to swim but an easy surf break to learn on. I'm amazed at how many families or fathers with their sons and daughters that are coming to learn to surf at a very young age.

There are an incredible amount of surf breaks along the coast of the Baja Peninsula. Some are very hard to reach while others are very close to the Transpenisular Highway. From KM (Kilometer) 38 near Rosartio beach to Zippers and Old Man's near Cabo and many points in between you may find all kinds of surf breaks. Some of the most well known are Punta San Carlos, Punta Abreojos, Punta El Conejo, La Pastora, Los Cerrritos, Shipwrecks, Zippers, and on around the east Cape to places like Vinorama have many world class breaks. Even if you are not a pro or hardcore surfer Baja has much to offer.

Some families I have run into are out exploring and camping on the beaches like at Scorpion Baja where there is a long easy point break to surf. Years ago I ran into a father and 2 sons that were headed out of Punta San Carlos in the north. Two things surprised me as I spoke with the father. When asked if he was surfing at Punta San Carlos he replied “No we just go in there and then drive down to Punta Abreojos!” For you that know Baja, that is a very long way on dirt tracks and requires not only a good 4x4 vehicle but a lot of extra gas as there are no stations along the way.

He had the rig for it and 20 extra gallons on the outside of his lifted 4x4 camper rig. The other thing that surprised me is when he said “I live in Maui but never surfs there. I'm too busy working in construction and it is too crowded. I prefer to take my month plus long vacation in Baja, where they can surf at their own breaks with no crowds.” He grew up in San Diego and has been surfing Baja for more than 40 years and prefers to explore all the points most people never see or even know of.

We had a Surf Contest a few months ago at Los Cerritos and you can see the young grommets (beginners) as they are called are learning to surf at a very young age. They surf on the shorter body boards to long begninner boards with a few even on the harder short boards. These photos were taken as the youngest were allowed to compete in kind of a free-for-all part of the contest which was the most amusing of all to watch that day.

Surfing is a great sport to get people to connect with the ocean and mother nature. In these days when so many young people are glued to their computers and phones with video games it is great to see them outside in the sun and sea enjoying the real world. So if you and or your children have ever considered learning to surf there are many surf schools and “soft top” beginner boards that can make it much easier to learn one of the purest ways to enjoy the ocean. You and your family can always begin by riding a body board to begin and to learn about waves, then graduate to one of the long boards made for beginners afterwards. Whether in northern Baja just south of the US border in Ensenada, Rosarito beach area or all the way down to Land's End in Los Cabos you can find places to learn to surf.





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