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  • A thing about thongs
    A thing about thongs

Thongs are a major item in Baja beachwear. Don't be caught without yours or in the wrong kind of thongs as this article points out.

Thong, what a great word, what a great sound? 

Thong coming from the fact that thongs are made with just a slight amount of material (originally a thong of leather) that goes between the appendages. They come in all kinds of materials, colors, shapes, sizes and styles. They have become standard beach wear for many women and men all over the world. You see them all over Medano Beach in Cabo.

The thong may take some getting used to if you have not worn them before but generally you can get used to a thong without too much irritation. Sometimes it’s best to wear them for a short time at first and not walk a lot. Plus, without the usual extra material covering you, you may find yourself getting sunburned in places that have had little to no exposure in the past. 

Thongs are generally made with just enough material held in place with a thong so that they can be worn. This makes them light and airy to wear. Also great for wearing in the rain, in warmer climates and fun in the mud but be careful not to lose them. If your feeling a little "exposed' at the nude beaches of Baja you might find thongs reassuring.

You may be asking yourself after reading the above description of thongs what is he talking about, the beautiful little bathing suit, a variation of the bikini, called a “thong” that was designed by St.Tropez in Rio in the seventies?

Or is he talking about the most common and probably oldest footwear known on the planet, “thongs”? There are papyrus thongs dating back from 1500 B.C. that can be found in a British museum today.

Back to the question “what is he talking about “? Actually I haven’t yet decided.

As I went out to do a story on thongs, the footwear commonly used all over Baja beaches, I quickly realized especially to the Mexicans that a thong or thongs is generally interpreted as the small bikini with no back end. Can’t imagine why they know that word so well. As I began to write I also realized that a thong and thongs, are both common beach wear, come in multiple colors, shapes and styles and are called thongs for the same reason. 

Many Mexicans did not realize that we also call sandals, the simple rubber flip flops with the little thong between the toes, Thongs also. Now explain this to a Mexican or anyone learning English. 

Thongs generally refer to the sandals but a thong is generally the Bikini bathing suit. Now if you have two or more bathing suits in your hand you would have several thongs in your hand. However if you lose one of your thongs (sandals) and are looking for the other you are trying to find your thong. 

Go figure?

I hope you enjoyed this little thing about thongs and of course the accompanying pictures of the sandals, yeah right. Just remember to use sun screen if you are using either kind of thong in this ferocious Baja sun.

Yes, the top of your feet may burn just as easy as the bottom of your bum.

So be safe, use sun protection and enjoy your beach thong(s).

  • A thing about thongs – and these for your feet
    A thing about thongs – and these for your feet



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