Sunday June 04 2023

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The Municipal Operator Agency for Potable Water, Sewer, and Sanitation has posted the new 2022 water rates for La Paz. OOMSAPAS raised the base rate 10.34% following inflation since the last adjustment in 2019.

OOMSAPAS La Paz also published the water availability schedule for January 2022. Several communities like El Centro will have evening water service every day, while outlying communities may go as much as 4 days between city water availability.

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The rising trend of new cases continues in these graphics generated from the statistical data of the Mexican Federal Secretary of Health on January 4, 2022. Saturday presented the highest number of new cases in the history of the pandemic,

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Baja California Sur will have active COVID-19 Vaccination points open across the municipality this week, with various times and locations as posted below. The number of new cases hit its highest point ever on Saturday, January, but the good news the number of cases needing hospitalization is way down. The number of the Omicron variant of concern in Mexico rose 500 percent in four days, from 42 to a total of 252 positives, which already cover 14 entities in the country.

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The strong winds from the north that made the Sea of Cortez a bit unpleasant with gusts in La Paz to 32kts over the weekend will fade away through the day today as the High over the FOur Corners Region of the US moves east. Temperatures will rise again to the 80°F/26°C one more time before Winter sets in. Temperatures will descend through the week, bottoming out next Saturday around 70°F/20°C. 


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