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  • Importation of your car under the Chocolate Program
    Importation of your car under the Chocolate Program



Mexico is making it easy to import your older (2016+) NAFTA manufactured car or light truck. By popular demand the program has been extended through March 31, 2023. Do no hesitate, appointments fill up fast. Here is the tale of a hands on experiences by an Insider Reader.


Editor’s Note: On December 29 it was announced that the program will be exteded through March 31, 2023. You can see if you can still apply to the waiting list at this address: It is probable that any scheduling additions to the local Transito websites will take place after the holiday week.


I found it very easy. The process is available nation-wide, but this is how the process went in La Paz, Baja California Sur.


First, the vehicle must be at least 6 years old. Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) or your car or light truck if it begins with a letter, you, unfortunately, are not able to use this process to import your car. If your VIN begins with a number, you are in luck, this program applies to your vehicle. (Vehicles eligible for this program must be of NAFTA manufacture)


Next, you need a Mexican Driver's license, if you already have that covered, you can jump to the next step. To get your Mexican driver's license you will need a printed copy of your CURP (Clave Única de Registro de Población ) and an official blood test from a lab. You will also need your INM Mexican residency card (permanent or temporary, no tourist visas), a coprabante (a bill with proof of your local address), and a current driver’s license. Even if you know what your blood type is you will need a printed form from the lab. If you are over 65 you may also need a medical exam showing you are fit to drive. In La Paz you can make your appointment here:  Once you get your blood test printed out, head to Secretaria de Finanzas y Administración, which is located behind the Liverpool store, to get your Mexican driver's license. . The price for this is about 1,186.00 Pesos and 60+ discounts are available.


After getting your Mexican driver’s license, head out to Chametla, to the Fiscalización Aduanera. It is located past the “Segundos” (second-hand stores) in Chametla qt Km10 and is on the northwest side of the road. Park on the street near the building and enter to get a number to speak with someone inside. They will confirm if your car is importable and will look over all your papers. You will need your Mexican driver's driver’s license, coprabante, residency card, and car registration. 


Aduana (Customs) will give you a form for the bank, which you will return, with a receipt, after paying 2500 pesos at a BBVA bank. When they hand you the bank form they will also give you an appointment to return. You then go to the bank, pay the 2500 pesos, get your receipt and form filled out, and head back to Chametla and the Aduana for your scheduled appointment. 


When you return, you will, once again, park on the street and go into the building for your scheduled appointment. They will check all your paperwork and then send you out to retrieve your car and bring it into the yard. You will wait there until advised to go inside to pay and get your new plates. The cost for me was an additional 1200 pesos. They will put stickers on your car and answer any questions you may have. I found everyone to be very helpful and friendly! I changed my plates when I got home. 


Our contributing author on this subject was Alison Porter, proprietor of Casa Sunbreak, a unique and beautiful 2 bedroom, 2 bath guest hacienda in the center of town. It is within walking distance to many of the best restaurants and is only 8 blocks from the Malecon. With a private outdoor pool, beautiful murals, and an organic market across the street, you have the beginnings of a marvelous vacation. Casa Sunbreak has high-speed fiber optic internet, so you can zoom call your friends while barbecuing on the patio. There is secure off-street parking for one car, with a push-button entrance to the property.



Editor’s Note: The state has already indicated that in January 2023 they will begin impounding cars not properly registered. 
You are likely to find that having current Baja plates will greatly reduce your chances of being detained at a traffic stop for DWG – Driving While Gringo.





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