Saturday August 13 2022

Are Carnaval events an endangered species in Baja?
 Due to COVID-19 Carnaval La Paz, 2021 has been cancled. With the community already divided on the economic benefits of the event it may make it that much more difficult to resurect the event in...
Carnaval La Paz 2020 - Fiesta de los Dioses
Due to the Corona-19 Virus and lack of civic funds, there will be NO Carnaval La Paz in 2022Without a doubt Carnaval has been the grandest event on the  La Paz social calendar, drawing hundreds...
Royal Court of Carnaval Mazatlan 1927
Carnaval La Paz seems to many of the residents and long time visitors to be an eternal event to celebrate spring, an institution in the community. But in 2013 we almost saw the end of the annual...

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