Friday December 15 2017

Hauling in a rooster fish in the Sea of Cortez
I’m a DIY (do it yourself) kind of fisherman. I have been ever since I first began traveling to Baja and ultimately settled down at Rancho Deluxe, our East Cape beachfront home.With nothing between...
Kayaking the Colorado River Delta
From space the Colorado River Delta is the defining feature of the Baja California Peninsula.  It is a landscape created by a magnificent sea, a powerful river, and an active San Andreas fault: ...
Kayaking on the Sea of Cortez
Rudderless Bliss in Baja - A novice kayak tour revels in the rhythms of life on the Sea of Cortez…. “Quick, put the fish back in the water!” I yell to Bill. A Botox-lipped fish, called a Burrito...
The Sea of Cortez offers a world of discovery for kayakers
When we first came down to La Paz, I was sitting on the top deck of the Hotel we stayed in, looking over the Malecon (beach front) I saw this guy in a kayak moving at high speed (or so it seemed)...
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