Tuesday July 23 2024

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For more than two weeks, an excess of 1000 confirmed new cases per day except for just two days, possibly due to weekend accounting. Statewide the number of active cases has dropped by about 1000 over last week's high of 8,500+, or more than 1% of the state's population The more remote communities of Comondú and Mulegé, with limited medical resources have been stressed, so those municipalities have been reduced to Level 4.

La Paz would APPEAR to be the epicenter of the current wave, but with all other statistics other than ambulatory cases nearly equal between Los Cabos and La Paz, including population and hospitalizations, this would more likely be attributed to the availability and use of testing and not the result of La Paz having more than 5x the number of ambulatory cases over the tourist destination of Los Cabos.

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