Thursday September 29 2022

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The first full week of January 2022 saw a record number of new cases of COVID-19 presenting in Baja California Sur. For five consecutive days there were more than 1000 new cases per day reported in the state. There were four deaths from the virus in the past week. State Healthcare officials speculated that as much as 1% of the population of the state was infected in the last four weeks.

As of the 7AM posting of this information, there are no scheduled public vaccination locations scheduled for this week. Instead, the focus this week will be on vaccinating healthcare workers and teachers who received CANSINO,  the Chinese vaccine previously. The Chinese vaccine is believed to be the least effective against COVID-19, somewhere in the 50-60% range. 

January 1 also saw the end of additional temporary staff funding and care bonuses of up to 60% of salary for healthcare workers. Local media reports that despite the increase in cases, nothing has been done to augment staff and care facilities. As of Sunday, general facilities were at 56% of capacity, while the ICU was devoid of extreme cases. 

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