Tuesday August 20 2019

Composite paths of 2018 Tropical Cyclones in the Eastern Pacific.
 The 2018 Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season officially wrapped up December 1, but the basin has been quiet since Xavier fizzled out on November 5. The statistics for the season are in and the...
The Baja's Tropical Cyclone Season ends in mid October and the termperature and humidity drop
 There are many marks in time that define your "Baja-ness" here at the tip of the peninsula. Were you here when the ATV paraded through the streets of Cabo? Do you remember the two lane road...
Only a rare few tropical cyclones have threatened the peninsula after October 10
October 17 marks the statistical end of the Baja Tropical Cyclone Season, but we can never count on Mother Nature to be aware of the statistics. No named level system has made landfall on the...
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