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  • Organic foods are much more available in Baja today, as health awareness and demand increases
    Organic foods are much more available in Baja today, as health awareness and demand increases
  • Fresh fish from the local markets provide one way to avoid preservatives
    Fresh fish from the local markets provide one way to avoid preservatives
  • One of the larges organic food producing co-ops in Mexico is located in Todos Santos
    One of the larges organic food producing co-ops in Mexico is located in Todos Santos

I believe it is possible to building a sustainable lifestyle in Baja and live in an organic paradise. Rather than running around looking for the best pomegranate juice you can find (up to $20 USD for the best quality ones) why don’t you grow your own pomegranates? Your health is the most important thing you have, without it nothing else matters. Found out about the opportunity of owning a farm land and grow your own food

Memory enhancement, brain activity improvement, beautiful skin, anti-oxidants, healthy bones, and strong immune system are definitely been top priorities for me when choosing my foods. A holistic approach to life styles is certainly essential for optimal health. What we eat, what we drink, what we think and what we do; that is what we are made of.

Living in Baja we have the incredible opportunity of breathing clean air, drinking pure water and growing an outstanding diversity of vegetables, fruits, herbs and seeds organically.

Even in the summer, the hot tropical weather of Baja produces an amazing variety of nutritional foods including Litchis, Nanches, Maracuya, Sesame, Macadamias and many others. In the late fall, winter and spring in addition to all tropical fruits, summer crops and perennial herbs you can also grow a broad range of vegetables, herbs and seasonal flowers. Local research has shown that more than 3500 plant species of the tropical and dry tropical regions of the world could be grown organically in Baja Sur.

‘Organic’ is a term utilized to mention produce and products made with plant ingredients where the plant crops had never been treated chemically (no chemical herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers) this term is also used for animal products from animals feed organically. Usually organic products don’t use artificial flavoring or preservatives, synthetic coloring or genetically modified crops (GMO).

To produce high yield healthy crops and beautiful plants the Organic System utilizes a holistic approach that includes:

• Preparing the planting areas in ways that don’t kill the beneficial microorganisms that naturally live in the soil.

• Making ‘compost’ natural fertilizer and an integrated pest management focused on strengthening plant vitality and increasing non intrusive beneficial insect population (which also increases productivity thru polinisation)

• Companion planting. This means to put together plants that benefit each other by exchanging complementary nutrients and other beneficial symbiotic plant relationships.

When agriculture is narrow down to a few crops and chemicals are use to kill fungal, pest and insect ‘problems’ this creates an imbalance that reflects in the environment. By producing fatal gases many of the chemical products used in agriculture are contributing to the unfortunate state of the Earth.

Having organic soil (that had never been chemically treated) means to have clean water table for all your needs; it means to have pure air to breathe. Many of the so called environmental illnesses and allergies are treated and cured by changing to an organic diet and living in a natural environment.

Base of a large Organic Co-op for export, Organic Farming is a common practice in Baja Sur. Especially in the cape Region where cherry tomatoes, Genovese Basil and Fragrant Mangos are cultivated year after year reaching organic coops and health food stores all across the USA and Canada.

The challenge is that Baja’s desert landscape holds only a few good soil packets and low rainfall limits the water supply.

Baja’s organic farm land will give you an opportunity to do more than farming. With the right information you could create any Eco- Vision you might have:

Eco Resorts, Ecological Communities, Tropical Spa’s, Ecological Retreats, Permaculture Centers, Environmental Schools, Eco-sensitive green homes, Organic Farms/ Ranches and more. All in the 30 to 40 minute range from Los Cabos Airport, local beaches, waterfalls, hot springs and all the fun and natural beauty that draw you to Baja in the first place.

To own farm land and grow our own food, as much as is a necessity it is also a novelty these days. You either are a really dedicated farmer or just plain smart individual with cash flow to invest in your future.

This is your opportunity to co-create a healthy future; some of our listed properties include Master Planning/ Landscape Design of your choice.

With 15 years of experience on Organic Farming and ecological living in Baja the team husband and wife, founders of Buena Fortuna, a privately owned 10 year old Botanical Garden with more than 3500 plant species: Gabriel (landscape architect, world renown botanist) & Kitzia Howearth (land investments associate) are offering you thru Coldwell Banker Riveras the great opportunity of co-creating your edible paradise oasis farm.

by Kitzia Howearth
Kitzia Howearth has lived most of her life in the Cape, she is a Co-founder of "Buena Fortuna" a privately owned Botanical Garden and has been preserving more than 3500 plant species of tropical plants since 1998 in the Cape region.



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