Tuesday September 28 2021


COVID-19 Alert Status in Baja California Sur

Updated 09/07/21 We keep you up to date with the latest Level restrictions in Los Cabos and La Paz, as well as news and information. With more than 68% of the adult population vaccinated, restrictions are easing and cases are way down.

The Baja California Sur Traffic Light System of Alert is at Level 5 Statewide.

Updated 08/11/21 The southern peninsula state of Baja California Sur instituted its own system of evaluation of the COVID-19. The system was revised in June, and here are the complete restrictions for each level in English. Mouse over each level to review the details.

The Sea of Cortez remains deliciously warm into November

 As a year-round resident of Baja Sur, fall is my favorite time of year, so I'm getting ready for a little vacation.


The Sea of Cortez remains deliciously warm into November

The US Department of State has placed Mexico on the "Do Not Travel" list for increased crime and the nation's COVID-19 infection level. The "Do Not Travel" the edict refers to some states more...

A hurricane survival kit is a good thing to assemble well before a storm strikes

We took the official National Hurricane Center's recommended survival kit and added some Insider humor. We have a preparedness video from our friends at West...

There have been as many as 5 active tropical cyclones in the Eastern Pacific at one time.

Hurricane Andrew, Hurricane Hugo, Hurricane Camille…and more recently; Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita were all devastating hurricanes that hit the US. Where do these names come from, who...

Proper Tipping in Mexico - Don't be Codo

The Mexican minimum wage is around $7 dollars per day. Your tip is not only an effective means of communicating your satisfaction, or dissatisfaction with your service, but an important part of...

Mushroom Rock in Balandra at sunset today, restored to its position after the 2005 fall

The Mushroom Rock in Bahia Balandra has long been the symbol of La Paz Appearing in postcards and countless photos...

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