Monday October 26 2020


Mexican Recipe for Citrus Cerviche

Clark Waters is a Chef for hire, serving up culinary delights from Cabo San Lucas to La Paz. Experienced in providing catering services on both land and sea, Clark can assist you with your event planning for parties from two to hundreds of guests. This recipe is from Clark's collections of Baja tastes...


Feliz Cumpleanos is how you say Happy Birthday in Spanish

Happy Birthday is said in Spanish as Feliz Cumpleanos which means literally “Happy Completed Years”! Which if you think of it is a much more positive way of looking at getting older.


Cruise ship in Ensenada, Baja California

Other than right now, most times of year are pleasant in Baja California. We're hoping you come visit when we are all loose from the grip of Covid-19.

With more than 2000 miles of ocean coastline there is certainly a slice of beach for every visitor

Let's put this out there hoping that by late summer the Baja peninsula will be open for tourists once again. Until then we must make plans in a virtual vacation world.

Hibiscus Tea Baja Style

The Mexican beverages known as Aguas Frescas are an inspiring complement to Mexico's cuisine. They're wonderfully unique and refreshing, plus they provide a perfect...

Homicide Rate in Baja California Sur Second Lowest in Mexico


Amid all the bad news generated from the COVID-19 pandemic the Governor of Baja California Sur, Carlos Mendoza Davis announced the release of the 2019...

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